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How do you get red packets from Alipay? How do you get Alipay fuel bonus?

How do you get red packets from Alipay? How do you get Alipay fuel bonus?

Sihai: Alipay likes to launch various activities. Now it has launched an activity of "love oil gas station". As long as we can get the oil quantity through the usual Alipay shopping or offline payment and sharing bicycle, we can only get the petrol from Alipay. What channels can I get gasoline through?

Many owners in a complete mess are now focusing on Alipay's' love oil gas station 'activities. But how to use Alipay's red packets, many owners are now in a mess. They don't know how to use these red packets. The next Xiaobian is coming to answer for you.

How is the gasoline delivered by Alipay?

According to Alipay's activity rules, the use of Alipay online shopping, offline shop payment and other acts can save oil, the amount of oil saved is not to refer to how much oil can be changed at the gas station, but to get some benefits related to the fuel concessions, such as:

4 yuan Alipay fuel red packets, 8 yuan Alipay fuel red packets, 12 yuan Alipay fuel red packets, 237 yuan Alipay fuel red packets, 316 yuan Alipay fuel red packets.

How does Alipay use red packets?

Alipay's fuel bonus is only convertible once, and it will be effective within 90 days after the exchange is successful. In the 90 days, you can recharge the gas station card of China Petroleum and Sinopec in the Alipay APP service, or pay in China's petrol station, pay in person, Alipay Alipay can pay the amount of payment.

Alipay fuel bonus rules

237 yuan Alipay fuel bonus and 316 yuan Alipay fuel bonus is only ants insurance platform insurance new users and renewal of old customers, and the total premium is not less than 1 thousand yuan (excluding vehicle and vessel tax).

How does Alipay save oil?

You need to have a certain amount of oil for Alipay Alipay, and the amount of oil must be paid by bora. Tmall Taobao online shopping, Alipay to shop payment, Alipay share bicycle, Alipay life payment, driving map with High German map, using Taobao APP online check illegal behavior and so on can buy and save oil, save oil and then change fuel bonus.