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What's the taboo of cold water bath for men

What's the taboo of cold water bath for men the temperature drops suddenly in these days. It's snowed in many places in the north. Even in the south, the temperature is very hot at this time of year. Friends in the South say that bathing in winter is all based on courage. But a man took a shower in this winter, and his brain infarction almost died.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from Donghua Hospital that after nearly 10 days of treatment, the 31 year old patient's health has gradually stabilized and is gradually improving, but he can't be discharged. As for the cause of his illness, the doctor said that he bathed in cold water, the temperature difference was too large, and the vasoconstriction and spasm of the patient's head caused serious stroke.

Headache and weakness after cold bath

It happened on the night of December 4, when Li Jun (pseudonym) of the patient was going to take a bath before going to bed, he suddenly found that the gas bottle was empty and it was too late to change the gas bottle at all, so he thought about flushing it with cold water. Anyway, he was in good physical condition at ordinary times, a little cold could be tolerated.

In this way, he began to take a shower directly with cold water. At first, he felt a little cold. Slowly, he didn't feel very cold. He thought his body had adapted to the temperature. When he came out of the bathroom, he still felt hot all over. However, after a while, he washed his head with cold water and felt a little bit painful. The pain became more and more severe.

What's more, he began to find that he had no strength, half of his body didn't seem to listen, and his face became more and more white. Feeling that something was wrong with him, he immediately called his companion and wanted to go to the hospital for examination. They took a taxi to Donghua Hospital. When they got to the door of the emergency room, their companion helped them step by step.

He didn't even think that at this moment, danger was falling on his head.

Turn to safety after being rescued by the hospital

When Li Jun arrived at Donghua Hospital, it was already 10:00 p.m., the nurse on duty found that his body was stiff, his face was pale, and his eyes were staring at him. Then she asked him to lie on the bed, quickly pushed the bed into the green channel, and sent it to the rescue room.

The medical staff who received him quickly assessed his condition. But in such a short time of one or two minutes, the doctor found that Li Jun had lost his sense of what he should not have called and breathed like a sigh. His pupils narrowed, his reflex to light disappeared, his heart stopped beating, and he could die at any time. The situation was extremely critical.

The hospital immediately increased the number of staff, five medical staff immediately formed a rescue team, work together, a race against the clock rescue began, heart pressure, ECG monitoring, the establishment of vein Channel & hellip; & hellip; after nearly an hour of rescue, to 23:10, Li Jun's vital signs gradually stabilized, and then was sent to the emergency intensive care unit for treatment.

After nearly 10 days of treatment, Li Jun's health has gradually stabilized and is gradually improving, but he can't be discharged.

Too big temperature difference, vasospasm is fatal

It's really because he took a cold bath, which led to such serious consequences. Did it almost kill him? The doctor said that it was true. He bathed in cold water, the temperature difference was too big, and his head vasoconstriction and spasm seriously led to stroke and severe headache.

The temperature difference caused by taking off clothes during bathing may aggravate the vasoconstriction, make the blood pressure rise instantaneously, and lead to such crises as cerebral hemorrhage, stroke, brain tumor rupture, etc., let alone wash the body directly with cold water. Doctors revealed that affected by the cold air, Dongguan's recent number of acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases increased significantly.

Doctors remind that due to the low temperature in the bathroom, if you take off all your clothes, the temperature difference will make the blood vessels in the brain contract violently, so the risk of disease will increase, especially for the elderly, people with high blood pressure history, smoking and drinking habits, which is originally the high-risk group of cerebrovascular disease, more likely to have problems at this moment.

"In the 5 to 10 minutes before bathing, you can put hot water first, let the hot water steam raise the temperature of the bathroom, and then take off your clothes and take a bath after the bathroom warms up, so as to avoid the cerebrovascular disease caused by the excessive temperature difference. 'said the doctor.

Tip: don't take a cold bath in summer or winter

The reporter learned that not only cold bath in winter may lead to stroke, but also cold bath in hot days. In hot weather, when you go out to work or walk, you sweat a lot. When you go home, take a shower with cold water or enter the air conditioning room immediately. When you are cold and hot, the blood vessels contract rapidly, which is easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Doctors remind that patients with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, respiratory diseases and other diseases, especially cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients, because cold baths can make blood vessels contract rapidly, increase the burden on the heart, and increase the original high blood pressure. Severe cases can lead to cerebrovascular rupture, hemorrhage, stroke, coma and even death.

After sciatica and arthritis patients suffer from cold and cold, the disease will be more severe. People who are allergic to cold, such as cold urticaria and pruritus, take a cold bath during the onset of the disease, which will aggravate the disease. Other conditions such as fatigue, weakness, lack of sleep, including menstruation, lactation, pregnancy, should not take a cold bath.