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How to prevent parasitosis with long right leg mass 6 years ago

How to prevent parasitosis with long right leg mass 6 years ago Recently, a woman's leg has grown a bag to remove live insects, which has aroused heated discussion and strong taste. But it does exist in our life. It is learned that women suffer from parasitosis. So what's going on? How to prevent it?

A woman in Zhenba had a lump on her right leg six years ago. She didn't pay much attention to it because it was not painful. Recently, when the woman had an operation in the hospital, she unexpectedly took out 20cm live worms from the lump.

Recently, Ms. Luo's examination in the second Department of external medicine of Zhenba County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine showed that a cord like mass could be touched on the front and outside of Ms. Luo's right thigh, with soft texture, no tenderness and fluctuation feeling, unclear boundary display; no swelling and tenderness around, and normal skin temperature.

Later, when the hospital performed the resection for Ms. Luo, the parasite about 20cm long was removed from her right thigh, and the parasite was free to move and had strong vitality.

So, how to prevent parasitic diseases? Doctors remind citizens to avoid eating all animal meat and vegetables raw. For example, Toxoplasma gondii, human infection through undercooked meat. After infecting the parasite, get medical treatment in time. Only by eliminating the source of infection, cutting off the route of transmission and protecting the susceptible population can we effectively prevent parasitic diseases.