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What's the reason for baby's cough? What's the best way for baby to cough and eat

What's the reason for baby's cough? What's the best way for baby to cough and eat

Four seas network: cold winter temperature, it is easy to cause cold cough, especially infants, weak resistance, more prone to cough and other symptoms, so what is the reason for baby cough? What good fast baby eat? The following small series will teach you some therapeutic methods for cough.

Why does baby cough

Western medicine interpretation

Infant's respiratory system development is not mature, cough reflex is poor, airway lumen is narrow, sputum is not easy to discharge, if a cough, it immediately stops coughing, although the cough can be temporarily stopped, sputum can not be discharged smoothly, a large amount of sputum is accumulated in the trachea and bronchus, affecting respiratory function, so the function of respiratory mucosa itself must be improved. To cure the cough.

Interpretation of traditional Chinese Medicine

Exogenous diseases are caused by the invasion of wind, cold, dryness and heat into the lungs.

Internal injury is mainly caused by phlegm dampness, liver fire and lung deficiency

Only by finding out the cause of the disease, treating the disease according to syndrome differentiation, and promoting the circulation of lung and pathogenic factors, can the cough be completely cured

What's good for baby's cough

Cough due to wind cold

1. Ginger + brown sugar + garlic

The child has a cold, drinking warm ginger and brown sugar water can play a very good therapeutic role. If the child also has a cough, add 2-3 cloves of garlic to the ginger and brown sugar water and cook it together. Cook it for 10 minutes with a small fire, and boil the spicy taste of the garlic, so that the child will drink it.

2. Steamed garlic water

Take 2-3 cloves of garlic, pat them to pieces, put them into a bowl, add half a bowl of water, put one crystal sugar in it, cover the bowl and put it into a pot for steaming. After boiling over high heat, steam them over low heat for 15 minutes. When the garlic water in the bowl is warm, it can be fed to the children, and the garlic can not be eaten. Generally 2-3 times a day, a small half bowl. Garlic warm, into the spleen and stomach, lung meridian, the treatment of cold cough, kidney deficiency cough effect is very good, but also convenient and simple, children are willing to drink.

3. roasted oranges

Put the orange directly on a small fire, and keep turning, until the orange skin is black, and the hot gas can come out of the orange. Let the orange cool for a while, peel off the orange skin, and let the child eat the warm orange petals If it's a big orange, it's OK for the child to eat 2-3 petals at a time. If it's a small Gongju, the child can eat one at a time. It's best to eat with garlic water, 2-3 times a day. Orange is warm and has the effect of resolving phlegm and relieving cough. After eating the baked orange, the amount of sputum will be significantly reduced, the antitussive effect is very obvious, and children are willing to eat.

4. Scrambled eggs with mashed sesame oil and ginger

Put a small spoonful of sesame oil into the frying pan, heat the oil and put in the ginger powder, put it in the oil for a while, then stir in an egg and stir well. When the child coughs in cold wind and body deficiency, let the child eat once before going to bed every night while it is hot, and stick to eating for a few days, then it will get obvious effect.

5. Pear + pepper + rock candy

One pear, wash it, cut it crosswise and dig out the middle core, put in 20 prickly ash and 2 Ice sugar, then put the pears in a bowl, steam for about half an hour, and one pear can be eaten twice. Steamed prickly ash and bingtangli are very effective in the treatment of cold cough, but some children don't like the taste of prickly ash, so parents can choose by themselves.

The above is a diet therapy for cold cough. When using these methods, parents should also pay attention to the following cold food not to let children eat: mung bean, crab, mussel, snail, snail, persimmon, grapefruit, banana, kiwi fruit, sugarcane, watermelon, melon, balsam pear, water chestnut, arrowhead, seaweed, laver, raw radish, eggplant, Artemisia, lotus root, winter melon, silk Melon, sweet potato, etc.

Cough due to wind heat

1. Pear + crystal sugar + scallop

Cut the pear horizontally by the handle, dig out the middle core, put in 2-3 crystal sugar, 5-6 crystal scallops (scallops need to be broken into pieces), put the pears in a bowl, steam for about 30 minutes, and serve them to the baby twice. This prescription has the functions of moistening lung, relieving cough and resolving phlegm. Because now the baby is generally greedy for cold. When it is hot, it will blow the air conditioner and eat cold fruits all the year round. Therefore, the number of babies suffering from wind heat and cough is significantly reduced.

2. Boiled radish water

Wash the radish, cut into 4 ~ 5 slices, put them into a small pot, add half a bowl of water, set the fire to boil, and then use a small fire to boil for 5 minutes. Wait until the water is a little cool and then give it to the baby. The effect of this prescription on wind heat cough, dry nose and throat dryness, dry cough and less phlegm is good, and the effect on the baby under 2 years old is better.

3. You can also give your baby the following food:

Persimmon: cold, can clear heat, phlegm, cough. But the baby can only eat one at a time, eating more stomach will be uncomfortable.

Watermelon: cold, can treat all fever. If the baby has a hot cough in summer, give him more watermelon.

Loquat: cool, can moisten the lungs, dissipate phlegm and stop coughing. Suitable for hot cough and expectoration.

Water chestnut: cold, water chestnut phlegm, heat. Take 2-3 water chestnuts, peel them, cut them into thin slices, put them in the pot, add a bowl of water, and heat them on the fire for 5 minutes. This prescription has a good effect on the patients with hot cough and expectoration.

There are other stewed soup, stir fried loofah, stir fried lotus root slices, stir fried balsam pear, etc., which also play the role of eliminating internal heat, eliminating fire and relieving cough. It is forbidden to eat spicy and easily ignited food, such as mutton, dog meat, black bone chicken, fish, shrimp, jujube, longan meat, lychee, walnut, chili, cherry and silkworm chrysalis.

Cough with internal injury

Internal injury cough refers to a long-term, recurrent chronic cough. Or a cough caused by a cold and fever. Although the symptoms of the cold and fever have disappeared, the cough has not been good. Due to the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and antitussive drugs, the baby with repeated cough has a poor appetite and no appetite. The tongue coating is almost white. Therefore, parents should first regulate their baby's spleen and stomach and improve the baby's physical quality. The specific food therapy is as follows:

1. All the therapeutic prescriptions for wind cold cough are suitable for babies with internal injury and cough.

2. Chinese medicine gruel

Peel the yam, cut it into small pieces and put it into the food grinder, then add half a bowl of water to process the yam into a paste. Then pour it into the pot, set it on fire, stir it constantly at the same time, and boil it. It's best for babies to eat it on an empty stomach. A bowl of Chinese yam porridge can be fed to babies 2-3 times. Chinese yam can strengthen the spleen and stomach, invigorate the lung and Qi, and replenish the kidney essence. This prescription is most suitable for infants. It can not only relieve cough and asthma, but also has a good therapeutic effect on children's anorexia, sweating, drooling, Qi deficiency and timidity. It should be noted that the decoction time of yam should not be too long, otherwise the amylase contained in yam will decompose and lose nourishing effect.

3. Red dates + white fruits

This recipe is suitable for babies over 2 years old. Take 3 red dates and 3 white fruits and put them into a small pot. Add half a bowl of water and heat for 10 minutes. Take it every night before going to bed. Jujube can warm, replenish qi, strengthen the spleen and stomach; Ginkgo can calm the lung qi, regulate cough and asthma, and strengthen the kidney, so it is very effective for children with chronic cough, repeated cold, cough and fever. At the same time, it can also treat enuresis. It should be noted that the quantity of red jujube and white fruit must be well controlled, only limited to 3. If the quantity is too much, it will cause the baby to get angry and qi stagnation.

4. Walnut + sesame + jujube + honey

Half a jin of walnuts, two pounds of black sesame and half a jin of red dates. Grind them and put them into a large bowl to stir evenly, then put one spoon of honey and three spoons of water (since honey is difficult to stir evenly, you can heat honey and water on the fire first). Cover the big bowl, steam in the big pot, boil it over high heat, then steam it over low heat for 40 minutes. Give the baby a spoon every morning and night. This prescription is most suitable for children. It can not only treat children's cough, bronchitis and asthma, but also has very good effect on children's constipation. If this prescription is taken for a long time, it can enhance the baby's health.

Massage of children's cough

1. beat back

Infants will not spit, even if the sputum has been coughed up will only swallow the sputum stomach. When the baby coughs, the parents hold the baby, pat the baby's back gently with their empty hands, up, down, left and right. If the baby coughs when he pats a certain part, it means that the baby's sputum is accumulated here, so it should be taken emphatically. Most of them are under the scapula, that is, the bottom of the lung is prone to phlegm. As long as there is sputum stimulation, the baby will cough, once there is sputum out, the cough can be temporarily relieved. Therefore, flapping the back can play a role in broadening the chest and regulating qi, and promoting the discharge of sputum. Clapping is best done just before the baby wakes up or goes to bed.

2. For the baby with wind heat cough, pharyngeal pain and tonsillitis, the method of foot massage can be used.

First up and down back rub baby's foot, each foot rub 30 times. Then massage each toe up and down 20 ~ 40 times. Focus on massaging the two sides of the root of the big toe. As long as the tonsil is inflamed, this part will be very painful. Massage each foot for 5 minutes. After massage, the baby's sore throat symptoms will be significantly reduced.

After massage, you should drink warm boiled water for your baby in time. You can also drink light salt boiled water. Massage the baby twice a day, and then cooperate with food therapy, the baby's disease will soon heal.