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Is the lighting of the house important? How to judge whether the lighting of the house is good or no

Buying a house is a major event in life for many people. Most families buy houses for their own use. What kind of house they buy means that they and their families have to live in such a house for a long time. Some friends asked, is lighting important to the house? How to judge whether the house lighting is good or not?

Is daylighting important when buying a house

Daylighting is very important for a house. Most house buyers mainly consider location, supporting facilities, property and so on, but the problem of daylighting is often ignored. We should know that daylighting is very important for a house. The daylighting of a house can directly affect the residents' perception of the interior, and then affect the comfort of living.

How to judge whether the house lighting is good or not

1. Space between buildings

For the lower floor of the house, this time we should consider the problem of building spacing. Generally, the standard of building spacing of tower is: building height: building spacing = 1:1.2, while the standard of building spacing of slab building is: building height: building spacing = 1:1.7. The smaller the ratio is, the larger the building spacing is, the better the daylighting will be. If the building spacing can't meet the basic standard, the residents in the middle and low floors can't guarantee enough lighting time.

2. Look at the size of the window

Sunlight mainly comes in through the window, so the larger the window is, the better the lighting effect will be. If the window is too small, the light will be limited, which has a great impact on the indoor air circulation, but too large window will affect the indoor humidity and temperature, so on the premise of not affecting the indoor lighting, we should choose large window.

3. See if there are super high buildings around the community

The shielding of surrounding buildings is also an important factor affecting the lighting. In addition to buildings, there will be other planning facilities inside the community. If some super-high buildings inadvertently block the lighting surface of some rooms, it will also cause the sun can not smoothly shine into the house. If the house is located outside the community, we should also observe whether there are too high buildings outside the community to block the light. Of course, buyers should also pay attention to the planning of the entire residential area. Some houses face south, but the street planning is not oriented. Therefore, even if the houses face south, they may be blocked.

4. Look at the orientation of the house

Buyers can buy houses in the order of South, Southeast, East, southwest, North and West. The appropriate way is to arrange according to the overall pattern of the house type. As the living room is the place where the family stay for a long time, the lighting of the living room should be guaranteed first, followed by the bedroom, and then other living spaces.

5. Look at the balcony

When buying a house, many people like to choose a house type with a balcony. They think that the balcony can be used to dry clothes, grow grass and raise flowers, and pile up sundries. But it's not that the bigger the balcony, the better, or the more, the better. Although the north and South apartment types with balconies have better permeability, the balcony is too wide, which will increase the depth and is not conducive to daylighting.