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What's the main problem of buying second-hand house? How to see Fengshui in second-hand house

Some friends in the purchase of second-hand housing, especially mind how the owner before the second-hand housing is, after all, the purchase of second-hand housing are mostly people lived in the house, if you encounter some houses in the purchase of second-hand housing, also have to test the buyers themselves to detect, some landlords are deliberately hiding some problems before the second-hand housing, then buy second-hand housing to pay attention What geomantic problems do you mean? What should you pay attention to when you move a second-hand house?

1、 Notes on buying second hand house Fengshui

1. The front door is facing the elevator or stairs, which is a crime. Originally, the house is a place for gathering Qi and health, but now it is facing the elevator and stairs directly, and the house's vitality is completely absorbed by it, which is taboo. The remedy is to use a screen or a porch to separate the entrance.

2. If the gate is straight to the long corridor, it is also an attack. The longer the corridor is, the more unfavorable it is to the home. This is called the pattern of heart piercing sword. If there is no screen in the door, it is not suitable to live.

3. If the window of the house is opened outside the corridor, it belongs to the pattern of frustration, and the private hidden of the house is gone, which is also bad for the home. In addition, if there are too many windows in the house, you will be discouraged. If there are too few windows in the house, you will be less angry. All these are bad luck and should be changed.

4. The front door can't be directly opposite to the toilet door. Imagine that people can see the toilet as soon as they enter the house. What's the function of the house? In addition, the bedroom door can't be directly opposite to the toilet door, and the bedroom door can't be directly opposite to the bedroom door.

5. In the housing, living room or dining room, if there is a crossbeam, remember not to press the bed and seat, and the ceiling should be high rather than low.

6. Try not to have too many sharp corners inside the house. The living room of many modern high-rise houses is rhombic, and there are often sharp corners, which not only has evil spirit, but also makes the living room lose harmony and unity. If there is such a situation, it is appropriate to add wooden cabinet or low cabinet in the empty corner. If you don't want to put a wooden cabinet, you can put a basin of tall and dense evergreen plants at the sharp corner, which can also reduce the influence of the sharp corner on the geomantic omen of the living room.

2、 Second hand housing move to pay attention to what

1. In fact, Jingzhai is to erase the traces of the previous owner of the house. The best way is to redecorate the house. No matter whether it is good or bad before, Jingzhai will no longer have a relationship after. When decorating, it can only be slightly corrected on the basis of the whole house. In addition, in the auspicious time of the relocation day, do some god worship and set off firecrackers before moving in.

2. Before moving into a second-hand house, it is advisable to move into a house on a golden day. The auspicious day of the zodiac represents the auspicious and festive day of the year. Using auspicious weather and aura as the auspicious day of moving can not only boost the fortune of family members, but also bring good aura to second-hand houses.

3. When moving a second-hand house, if there are pregnant women at home, pregnant women can't participate in the moving activities, and don't witness the whole moving process. They should go out for a walk, or go to a friend's house to play, and then go home after finishing the moving. This is good for the fetus, but also to avoid some Feng Shui taboos.

The above is about the second-hand house to pay attention to Fengshui and second-hand house to move what to pay attention to, some friends in the first time to buy a new house, mainly considering the background before the second-hand house is not clear, but if the buyers in the field to check the second-hand house, ruled out some Fengshui problems mentioned above, buy a second-hand house It's more reliable.