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What food to eat can improve immunity and enhance immunity

What food to eat can improve immunity and enhance immunity when winter comes, people's immunity will be reduced, and diseases are easy to enter, so do you know what food to eat to improve immunity? Here's how to recommend some foods to improve immunity!

What food can improve immunity

The strength of human immunity mostly depends on genetic genes, but it is also affected by diet, sleep, exercise, mood and other factors, especially diet Good immunity enables us to have a healthier body, so that we can fully devote ourselves to work and life. So what foods can help us improve our immunity and stay away from disease?

Red fruits and vegetables

As the saying goes, "three jujubes a day, no aging for life", "cold body, only pepper, cold will disappear naturally". These are the image summary of people's health care function of red food. Red fruits and vegetables are good choices for us to enhance our immunity.

Tomatoes, carrots, red peppers, dates, red apples and other red vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber.


Mushroom food contains polysaccharide, which can enhance human immunity and promote the formation of antibodies. It is considered to be the best natural immune promoter in the world.

Peas and beans

Soybean contains as much as 35% protein, which is even higher than the protein content of pigs, chickens, fish and eggs. It is also rich in vitamins, amino acids, fats, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients for human body.

In addition, no matter mung bean, red bean, bean or broad bean, they all have the functions of invigorating the spleen and benefiting qi, nourishing yin and benefiting water. In many traditional prescriptions of invigorating the spleen and benefiting qi in traditional Chinese medicine, bean ingredients are involved.

As raw beans contain antitrypsin, which can hinder the digestion of food protein in the small intestine, beans should not be eaten raw. It is recommended to eat more bean products.


There are two kinds of yoghurt on the market: Live yoghurt and high temperature sterilized yoghurt. As one of the world recognized natural health foods, live yoghurt needs to be frozen and preserved, and its more important value lies in the presence of active lactobacillus which is beneficial to people.

Sour milk comes from milk. It contains all the nutrients of milk, but it has more health care functions than milk. It should be an old saying: 'blue is better than blue. Therefore, yoghurt is also a good choice to enhance the body's immunity.