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How to know that the computer is monitored remotely

How to know that the computer is monitored remotely there are more and more news being secretly photographed recently. All kinds of ways of secretly filming are beyond our defense. This is not a girl's computer in Dalian. It's implanted with the software of secretly filming. There's no doubt that the privacy leaks out. When you know the truth, your back gets cold. Every move of oneself is monitored by the other party, and the privacy is videotaped! The victim girl is humiliated and angry! Moreover, there is more than one victim girl & hellip;

Girl's computer is embedded in peeping software

Xiao Ting, a 19-year-old girl from Dalian, is studying at a university in another city. During this year's national day, Xiao Ting returned to Dalian to be reunited with her family. During the period of studying in other places, Xiao Ting's notebook computer failed and could not be turned on normally. Taking advantage of the holiday to go home, Xiao Ting took the computer to an after-sales service station on Anshan Road for maintenance. Within a few days, the computer was repaired, Xiao Ting took it away, there was nothing different when using it.

On December 6, Xiao Ting, who was away from home, suddenly received a call from Dalian police. Police told Xiao ting that her computer was installed with a software to take photos, which can remotely control the computer camera! At first, Xiao Ting thought she met a liar. After verification, she found that what the police said was true!

Video of girls changing clothes

Xiao Ting received a phone call from the police and returned to Dalian to take notes with the public security organs. The police showed Xiao ting the video of "hacker" secretly shooting. Her back was cold with surprise: her every move in the girls' dormitory was filmed and "broadcast live". In an instant, she felt both humiliated and angry. "Unexpectedly, she had two eyes peeping behind her back all the time. 'in addition, the scene of girls changing clothes in the same bedroom was also photographed & hellip; & hellip;

According to Xiao Ting's knowledge, it is the service engineer of the after-sales service station who implanted the peeping software. At present, this person has been controlled by the police. It is reported that more than one girl has been injured in this case, and the police are still working hard to investigate and collect evidence. Among them, some girls, after receiving the police call, thought the other party was a liar and did not cooperate with the police investigation.

On December 10, the reporter contacted the after-sales service station involved, but the person in charge did not respond to the matter. However, a person familiar with the matter said it was an individual act of a maintenance engineer.

There are three main ways to implant peeping software

Girls asked their seniors to help repair their computers, but they were not expected to be implanted with peeping software, which led to the exposure of girls' privacy. When hotel guests took a bath, they accidentally found that the bath picture was' live '. It turned out that hackers had invaded the guest room computer & hellip; & hellip; in recent years, when the concept of intelligent life rose, similar illegal cases were also common.

Last year, 360 attack and defense laboratory released China's first smart camera security report, which showed that 80% of the cameras had design flaws, and family privacy life might be broadcast live on the Internet. In that year, CCTV 3 & middot; 15 evening also exposed the hidden danger of hackers' remote control of smart cameras.

So, how is the spyware embedded in the computer? For this, the reporter interviewed Li Chen, a network security engineer. Li Chen said that there are three main ways: one is to bind a program in a web page. For example, in some pornographic websites, you need to download a player to watch a movie, which is bound with illegal software. When the player is ready, the computer is also controlled remotely; the second is to send some links to the target, who clicks on the link in the computer and accidentally downloads the software; the other is to directly call someone else Install software in your head.

Li Chen said that people should pay special attention to the fact that the popular remote-control Trojans on the internet almost have the functions of sending instructions to start cameras, recording videos and other stealthy photos. Most of these Trojans disguise as some popular network resources, such as pictures, video seeds, game plug-ins, etc., to trick people to download and run. In addition, some lawbreakers will send files to specific targets and use fraud to implant Trojans.

How to know that the computer is monitored remotely?

Li Chen said that the general monitoring software to achieve real-time monitoring of the computer must follow the system to start. If it is network remote monitoring, it will also initiate network connection. This software can be found through these two points.

1. Open the task manager to find all started processes, and judge whether they are system processes and processes with software installed. By installing the third-party task management, you can view the process name, corresponding files and functions. If a suspicious process is found, it can be deleted or uninstalled through the corresponding program.

2. If it is network monitoring, it will also access the network. You can find out which suspicious programs are accessing the network and prohibit them from accessing the network.

Li Chen said that it's really difficult for ordinary users to find monitoring software, and suggested that they go to a professional organization to check and kill it.