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The best floor to buy a house

The best floor to buy a house if you want to buy a house that satisfies you, you should pay attention to the following aspects: the location of the house, the surrounding environment of the community, the transportation, the price of the house, and the quality of the house. In addition, there are floor choices. Do you know the best floor to buy a house? Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction of each floor in the following, and those who don't know can have a look.

Which floor is the best to buy a house

1. Let's talk about the high-rise buildings above the tenth floor. They usually have elevators. But in terms of safety, fire is not safe. The floor I live on is too high. I feel that I lack the atmosphere of the earth, and I have less contact with you. Not conducive to the development of children's character. In case of power failure, climbing stairs is also very tired.

2. Let's start from the first floor. The first floor is relatively low. You don't have to climb stairs or take elevators. However, the light on the first floor is not very good. If you live in a dark environment for a long time, you will feel a little uncomfortable. And the low floor, if the sun is not good, also can't bask in the quilt, even turn on the light during the day. It's not convenient to raise some plants.

3. Then talk about the sixth floor and the seventh floor. If there is no elevator in the house, climbing stairs above the fourth floor is exhausting every day, so I don't want to go out again when I go home. Because it's too tired to climb the stairs. It's not suitable for the elderly. If it's the sixth and seventh floor with elevator, it's good, because the view is very good, you can just see the trees and plants nearby. It's sunny, too. It's not bad.

How to buy a house?

1. House layout and lighting, which is also related to the floor problem, lighting problem, north-south penetration problem, housing construction and treatment problem. Now, for their own interests, developers build bean curd projects, and there are no few houses whose quality is not up to the standard. Therefore, we must be optimistic about the house when checking the house.

2. House price: this can be said to be the first consideration when many people buy a house. For many house buyers, the price of a house can only be bought after exhausting the family's savings. Therefore, when buying a house, we must calculate whether we can afford the price of the house. Location: the location of the house is also very important for the choice of the house. You can see whether the current location of the house is in the center or edge of the city, or whether it is close to your work place, which is closely related to your daily work and life.

3. Traffic conditions, which is also a key point to consider. To a certain extent, the traffic conditions around the house determine the price potential of the house in the future. We can also refer to the recent policy direction of the government on the development of traffic conditions. Convenient transportation can improve people's happiness index to a certain extent. The humanistic environment of the community must be considered. When buying a house, you must feel it in the community. After all, this is the place to live every day. A quiet and harmonious community will make your future life very beautiful. It can be seen from the property management of the community that if you manage properly, your future life will be very comfortable.

4. To buy a house, you must have five complete certificates, which is what people usually call the big red book. This is the key. Only if you have a big bonus, can you let your children go to school, can you buy a house, and so on. If the developer does not have a pre-sale certificate, do not buy such a house. The developer is selling illegally and there is no guarantee.

Which floor is the best to buy a house? How to buy a house? The above just introduces how to choose the location of the house is better. If you want to make your own interests not suffer losses in the process of buying a house, you should carefully look at the contents of the contract when signing the contract. This not only ensures your own interests, but also reduces the probability of housing disputes, so people must pay more attention, so as to make the process of buying a house more convenient relaxed.