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How long does the deposit of Mobai bicycle return?

How long does the deposit of Mobai bicycle return? in recent days, the deposit of Mobai bicycle has aroused hot discussion. The deposit of Mobai bicycle is the most expensive in the shared bicycle, which has caused dissatisfaction. Recently, many users have reported that Mobai bicycle is late in refunding the deposit. How long is the deposit refunded according to the official regulations of Mobai bicycle?

How long will the deposit be returned?

In the deposit description of Mobai client, it is clear that Mobai bicycle supports the refund deposit to arrive at the account quickly, but some users who use bank card to recharge the deposit still need to wait for 2 to 7 working days, the deposit is returned in the original way, and the method to check the return status of the deposit is attached. Therefore, the deposit of Moby bike will be returned within 2 to 7 working days after you make the operation of refund deposit.

Why do you have to pay a deposit for Moby bike?

The deposit is used for the use of a single motorcycle deposit. There are two ways to pay the deposit at present. WeChat payment or Alipay deposit can be refunded.

2. In order to ensure the smooth experience that users can automatically return the deposit through their own operation of the app, the deposit and the fare are separated.

3. Please click the top left corner of the app to enter the personal center, my wallet and click recharge. We need to remind you that the balance of the fare can only be used and is non refundable. The fare will not expire. You can use it at ease. You can also get one yuan of fare for the first time when you charge the deposit.

Instructions for using Moby bike:

Without public card, the threshold is low, and Alipay or WeChat can make a ride with 299 deposit. Even tourists who come to Shanghai can experience parking without designated locations.

Free reservation of free bicycles around (15 minutes of reserved time, countdown when information is submitted) brand new cars on the road, fashionable shape, high return rate of half an hour, 1 yuan car rental fee, price friendly to the people (if more points are deducted, the price is not friendly to the people, and must park according to the regulations)

The above is the information about how long to return the deposit and why to pay the deposit and the instructions for using the bike. I hope that the contents of the small edition can help the riders who like cycling.