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What Fengshui do you need to pay attention to when buying a house in Zhongshan

What Fengshui do you need to pay attention to when buying a house in Zhongshan

Geomantic omen has a long history in China. Although geomantic omen has no scientific basis, it has a profound impact on people. Many people go to see geomantic omen when they buy houses or cars. Do you know what Fengshui you need to pay attention to when buying a house in Zhongshan? What's the process of buying a house in Zhongshan also needs people's attention. You can find the answer below.

What Fengshui do you need to pay attention to when buying a house in Zhongshan?

1. By the crossroads

If it's a crossroads like this, it's OK to build an office building, but I have a problem. If the building is well built, it will occupy the golden triangle. If it's not well built, it will become a dead corner, unless the building is blown up. Some of the floor after the sale is very good, so have this experience. But if you live in this location, it is easy to cause stomach diseases, even stomach cancer, lung and bronchial diseases, and stroke.

2. Next to the overpass in the city

If you choose a place to buy a house, it's not a special need. I hope you don't buy a house there. It's not convenient to buy a house there. At the same time, high-speed vehicles will cause noise and spiral airflow, which will cause great damage and impact on Feng Shui, and will have adverse effects on physical and mental health. Living in such a place is prone to neurasthenia, 12 finger gastric ulcer. This is years of clinical experience.

3. Next to the high voltage tower and TV Tower

In fact, the transmission power of the TV Tower is very strong, and some of the transmission power is relatively small. China Unicom and China Telecom have many power towers, whose electromagnetic waves can cause the decline of human immune function, leukaemia, schizophrenia, and even various cancers. How many meters away from the tower is OK. Houses 300 meters away are generally better.

4. You'd better not live near the gas station

Nowadays, there are more cars and more gas stations. Maybe someone will choose a location close to the gas station for convenience, but there are a lot of harmful objects in the oil, such as lead, which is very harmful to health. In addition, the parking and starting noise of vehicles near the gas station is very loud, and the noise is also a brake in geomantics.

5. Opposite the glass curtain wall

The glass curtain wall of the building will produce light evil and form pollution, which is very harmful to people's health. Can the building be decorated with glass? Now many buildings have changed the appearance of glass curtain wall decoration. Long time exposure to light pollution will have an impact on health. The first diseases that are easy to get are blue eyes, eye pain, cataract, chronic conjunctivitis and keratitis.

What is the process of buying a house in Zhongshan?

1. After the completion of the contract, check-in procedures, etc. Through a variety of means to collect information about real estate projects. Conduct on-site investigation, invite peers if you have expert friends.

2. Sign a formal house purchase contract with the seller according to the agreed time and pay the house purchase price. Consult the lawyers of the real estate industry about the matters needing attention in signing the contract, and pay the deposit after selecting the project. Carefully review the alternative targets, and conduct online consultation, telephone consultation or consultation with experts for preliminary understanding.

3. Make a budget for their own consumption demand, such as purchasing power, specific location of residential area, property prices, etc., make a comprehensive analysis, determine a purchase concept, and then screen the collected information to determine several alternative goals.

What Fengshui should we pay attention to when buying a house in Zhongshan? What is the process of buying a house in Zhongshan? About the process of buying a house and fengshui, Xiaobian has made a simple answer. Although there is no scientific basis for geomantic omen, for the sake of peace of mind, you can also pay attention to it when buying a house. Especially if there are superstitious old people at home, you can listen to their opinions, so that they can live in peace of mind.