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Can diabetics eat Angelica dahurica? Can women eat Angelica dahurica during menstruation

Can diabetics eat Angelica dahurica? Can women eat Angelica dahurica during menstruation in recent years, the incidence of diabetes has been rising in a straight line and the population is also young. More and more people begin to pay attention to diabetes. Diabetic patients not only have a lot of control in diet, whether it is diet and medicine are very cautious, so angelica for diabetic patients have side effects, can diabetic patients eat Angelica?

Can diabetic eat Angelica dahurica

Diabetic patients had better not eat Angelica dahurica, because the maltose contained in Angelica dahurica will be converted into glucose, which is harmful to diabetic patients.

Angelica dahurica, up the head, down to the stomach and intestines, up to the limbs, through the skin and even the hair orifices, and the benefit of evil.

Such as head, wind, head pain, dizziness, dizziness, numbness of limbs, weakness of feet, arthralgia, ulceration, erosion, discharge of pus and long flesh, two eyes as barriers, itching, red astringency, blood closure, Yin swelling and leakage, such as acne in children, plasma itching, angelica can be treated. The first Weixin powder, such as headache, paralysis, eyesight, leakage, carbuncle and other diseases, is not due to rheumatism and cold evil, but due to yin deficiency and Qi weakness and yin deficiency and fiery, it is forbidden.

Some points for attention in diabetes are as follows:

Eating too salty can not only cause the increase of blood volume and blood pressure, increase the burden of kidney, fundus and heart, promote or aggravate vascular complications, but also activate and promote the activity of glucose decomposing enzyme in small intestine, accelerate the absorption of sugar, and lead to the rise of postprandial blood sugar.

Rich in saturated fatty acids, lard, tallow, oil, cream, butter, etc. less use, the best not to use. Some animal oil can be replaced by vegetable oil. Peanut, walnut, sesame and melon seeds also contain a lot of fat. Try not to eat or eat less or reduce oil intake.

Therefore, through the above detailed introduction, I believe you should know that for the general diabetic patients, in fact, they can't eat angelica, because this Angelica has a bad effect on the condition of diabetic patients, and it will aggravate the condition if you don't pay attention to it a lot of times, so in the future life, our diabetic patients must be careful In every way.

Can you eat Angelica dahurica during menstruation?

Women's body is very weak during menstruation, because a large number of menstrual blood flow out of the body, easy to cause female body cold. So in this period to a good protection to ensure good health, women in the menstrual period these days, there will be physical discomfort and mental irritability, so women in these days to pay attention to maintaining their own body, so that the body can recover quickly after menstruation.

Because menstruation is very important for women, so in this period, many women will recuperate their bodies through diet therapy, so they will pay attention to eat some nourishing food or traditional Chinese medicine to recuperate their bodies. Can they eat Angelica dahurica during menstruation? The answer is yes.

III. why can Angelica be eaten during menstruation

1. Dispel wind and relieve symptoms

It is used for cold, headache, nasal congestion and other syndromes. It has the effect of dispersing cold and relieving pain. It is often compatible with Xanthium sibiricum and Magnolia, such as (Jiuwei Qiang Huo Tang), & lt; health treasure & gt; baishen powder.

2. Dispel wind and relieve pain

It can be used for head wind pain, migraine, eyebrow ridge bone pain, rhinorrhea headache, toothache, etc. it can dispel wind and relieve pain, such as (Chuanxiong Cha Tiao San, Duliang WAN), & lt; women's good prescription & gt; Baizhi San, and Danxi Mei frame relieving pain prescription.

3. Disperse and discharge pus

For the treatment of carbuncle, swelling and sore, it can dissipate at the beginning and discharge pus after ulceration, such as (Xianfang Huosheng drink, Tuoli tou pus soup).

4. Dry and wet tourniquet

It can be used for women's cold and wet leucorrhea, dry and wet tourniquet, and can be used with cuttlebone; it belongs to the wet tropics, yellow thick under the belt, and can be used with heat clearing and dry and wet medicine such as phellodendron, toon root bark.

5. Xuantong nostril

It can be used for turbid runny nose and long flow in the abyss. It can be used with magnolia, Xanthium, Fangfeng and chuanxiong, such as Baizhi pill.

IV. efficacy and pharmacological action of Angelica dahurica

1. Efficacy

Angelica dahurica is mainly used in Yangming. It is fragrant and can clear the orifices. It is good at dispelling wind and relieving pain. Partial treatment of gingival and buccal swelling, toothache.

2. Pharmacological action

Angelica dahuriflorin can excite the respiratory center, vasomotor center and vagus nerve of the extended brain, enhance the respiration, increase the blood pressure and slow down the pulse.

From the above explanation, we can see the medicinal effect of Angelica dahurica, and it has the effect of warm in the middle, so it is especially suitable for women to eat during menstruation. Women in menstruation should pay attention to that, in addition to eating Angelica dahurica to supplement nutrition, they should also eat more nourishing food, and develop good living habits, in order to maintain women's health.