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Beijing Xinfang how to apply for real estate certificate

Beijing Xinfang how to apply for real estate certificate

New house property certificate handling procedures: if the property certificate transfer does not go through the real estate agency, the terms of the contract and breach of contract must be clearly written. When signing the contract, the seller must... If you want to know more about how to handle the property certificate of Beijing new house, follow the editor to have a look.

1、 New house property certificate processing procedures

1. If the real estate certificate is not transferred through the real estate agency, the terms of the contract and breach of contract must be clearly written. When signing the contract, the parties named on the seller's real estate certificate must be present (if they are married, they need to be present and signed by both husband and wife, even if there is only one person's name on the real estate certificate).

2. Materials required by the seller: original ID card and one copy of ID card. If you are married, you need the original and a copy of the marriage certificate and the original of the house property certificate; if one of the husband and wife can not be present, you must first write a power of attorney, and then go to the Justice Bureau for notarization, with a copy of the household register.

3. Materials required by the buyer: original ID card and a copy of ID card, household register and copy. If the buyer is single, he / she needs to go to the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to issue a single certificate. If there is no problem with the materials, you should go to the real estate bureau and fill in some forms and an inventory contract. The amount on the inventory contract must be the same as the amount on the contract. If the materials are handed over to the real estate bureau, there will be a receipt, which must be paid on the date stated above. Generally, it takes about 15 working days. After paying the taxes, I will wait in line there to get the new house property certificate.

2、 Beijing real estate certificate processing process

1、 Provide required materials

2、 Registration of property rights

3、 Handling of deed tax rate and payment certificate

1. Provide a copy of the head of household's ID card.

2. Provide a copy of the sales invoice (with original verification).

3. Provide copies of sales contract and final supplementary contract (with original verification).

4. If the development company handles it on its behalf, a certificate sealed by the company shall be issued when the employee is dispatched.

3、 Beijing real estate certificate processing method

1. Confirm that the developer has made initial registration

The initial registration of developers is a necessary prerequisite for their own real estate certificate. According to Article 34 of the measures for the administration of commercial housing sales, the real estate development enterprise shall submit the data for the registration of housing ownership to the local real estate administrative department within 60 days after the commercial housing is delivered for use. Therefore, developers can inquire about the initial transaction information from the local authorities within 20 months after the initial registration. In order to ensure their own interests, the time limit for the developer to handle the initial registration should be agreed in the "house purchase contract", especially the deadline for the developer to handle the initial registration and the 'timely notification obligation' after the completion of the process, so as to clarify the liability for compensation that should be borne if the developer fails to handle the initial registration in time.

2. Collect and fill in the application form for housing (land) ownership registration from the management department

The application form needs to be signed and sealed by the developer. Some developers will have ready-made stamped forms in their hands. They just need to get them from the developers and fill them in. Can ask the developer in advance, property certificate should be in which department, and then directly to the Department of consultation, save the pain of running.

3. Collect relevant documents

When asking the relevant departments in front of us, we must make clear what necessary application documents we need to get and complete them at one time. These documents include house purchase contract, house settlement statement, copies of large house property certificate, etc. The completed application form needs to be checked and sealed by the developer.

4. Pay public maintenance fund and deed tax

The public maintenance fund is generally collected by the community office in the area where the real estate is located. Some cities have begun to collect the public maintenance fund by banks. The payment method can ask the developers' staff. It should be noted that whether it is collected by the community office or by the bank, the payment voucher must be kept. The payment voucher of these two sums of money is a necessary document for handling the house property certificate. Once lost, it will affect the acquisition of the house property certificate.

5. Submit application materials

The materials mainly include the following:

(1) Sealed application form;

(2) Housing sales contract;

(3) Confirmation letter of house number, measured area and house price settlement between the buyer and the seller signing the pre-sale contract;

(4) Two copies of Surveying and mapping form, housing registration form and household plan;

(5) Special receipt for special maintenance fund;

(6) Deed tax payment or tax relief certificate;

(7) The identity certificate of the buyer (copy, check the original copy);

(8) Submit the agreement of joint ownership of the house;

(9) The bank's certificate of prepayment.

6. Get the house property certificate according to the specified time

Must keep the management department to get the certificate notice, and according to the above notice time to get the house property certificate. In addition, when paying the stamp duty, property registration fee and cost, it is necessary to carefully check the records of the real estate certificate, especially the important information such as the area, location, the name of the obligee and the ownership status.