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How does a woman give birth to a baby mermaid? The lower body is sticky, and the baby is pitiful

in our impression, mermaid is a magical and romantic species, but in real life, it is a terrible disease. Do you know what is mermaid syndrome? A rare disease worldwide. The female gave birth to the mermaid baby, but it died four hours later. It's sad.

according to the daily mail of December 9, a public hospital in Calcutta, eastern India, welcomed the birth of a "Mermaid" this week. Unfortunately, the lower body is all stuck together and can not be separated from the sex of the baby. It died four hours later. Doctors said the baby suffered from "mermaid syndrome", which is usually due to the lack of proper nutrition and improper blood circulation of the mother, resulting in fetal hypoplasia.

The mother of the dead Mermaid, muskula & middot; Bibi, is 23. She and her husband are very ordinary workers, and their financial situation is very difficult. Therefore, Bibi never went to the hospital for examination between pregnancy and delivery.

It is understood that this is the second "mermaid syndrome" baby born in India. Last year, a woman in Uttar Pradesh gave birth to India's first "Mermaid" baby, but the baby died 10 minutes later. Experts say the birth rate of a baby with mermaid syndrome is between 60000 and 100000. So far, no 'Mermaid' baby has survived.