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How to choose fur integrated clothes

How to choose fur integrated clothes in winter, fur clothes are very popular. They are not only warm but also fashionable. But one of the problems of fur clothes is that they lose their hair. If you wear a dark sweater or pants that can stick to your hair, it's very annoying. Why do fur clothes always lose their hair? How can you reduce the occurrence of hair loss? Today's Xiaobian You have summed up a few simple small methods. Come and have a look.

How to deal with fur shedding of fur integrated clothes? Apart from minks, other fur will be shed more or less. New fur clothing or other fur products will be shed to a certain extent at the beginning of wearing. This is mainly caused by fur clothing or products in the production process. The shape of natural fur animal skin is irregular. We are adding In working hours, the original intact animal skin should be cut and sewed as required. In the process of cutting and splicing, the hair follicles at the cutting edge will inevitably be damaged, which will cause the hair damaged by the hair follicle and the skin plate not to be firmly connected, resulting in the phenomenon of hair falling. The insiders call this phenomenon "knife edge hair". As long as it is natural fur products, it will not belong to this kind of phenomenon The quality of fur products.

Use a large clean plastic bag to pack the fur. It's better to seal it with rubber band, and then put it into the freezer for 15 minutes. (after 'cold' treatment of fur, the hair loss rate will be reduced a lot, and then there will be hair loss, you can use the same method to test several times, the effect will be better!

I. how to deal with the shedding of fur coat

1: refrigerate to reduce hair loss

If the clothes fall off, you can pack them in bags and refrigerate them for about 3 days, then take them out and shake them, which can shake off the floating hairs on the clothes, and the phenomenon of falling off the clothes can be improved significantly later.

2: salt water immersion to reduce hair loss

The clothes can be soaked in saltwater for about half an hour before they are shed, and then they can be washed once more. This can not only reduce the shedding of clothes, but also help to sterilize clothes and prevent clothes from fading.

3: reduce hair loss by blowing the hair dryer

You can use the hot wind of the hair dryer to blow clothes to help reduce hair loss. Because there will be some floating hairs on the clothes, blowing with a hair dryer and shaking the clothes while blowing can say that the floating hairs blow away, so the clothes will not lose so much hair.

4: adhesive tape to reduce hair loss

You can use adhesive tape to remove the hair floating on the surface of the clothes or use a hair stick to remove the hair on the clothes. When choosing adhesive tape, you should choose a wide adhesive tape with better adhesion, which can save labor and have better effect.

II. Fur selection method

1, pores

If there are 3-4 hairs evenly distributed in each hair follicle, it is natural fur; artificial fur has obvious warp and weft or cloth base shape. You can also pull the hair. The natural fur pulls down the hair with clear roots; the fake fur pulls all together.

2. Appearance and feel

The wool feeling of fur is fine and soft, and the density is even; the artificial wool quilt has no luster and is rough. In addition, the wool of sheep can not be the same in every length and color; the length of fake color is very uniform.

3. Integrity

In the process of leather cutting and stretch setting, the real fur will inevitably be torn by leather board or cut by hand, so many finished products will have seams locally, but it will not affect the actual use effect and beauty.

4, burning

The natural fur is immediately carbonized into black ashes and has the smell of singeing; if it melts immediately or shrinks into a ball at the place where it is burned, and has the smell of burning plastic, it is artificial fur.