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Why is the deposit of Moby bike so expensive sharing bicycles is the most important thing in the road, and many families are scrambling for this cake. As for the problem of sharing bicycles, netizens are most concerned about it or the deposit. After a comparison of small editors, it is found that among the big sharing bicycles, worshiping bicycles is the most expensive, and the deposit is three or four times higher than that of peers, which is also the target of Mobi. Why is the deposit so expensive?

Moby charges users as much as 299 yuan / person, while competitors bluegogo, ofo and one-step bike only pay 99 yuan, and Uber bike only needs 5 yuan. By contrast, Moby's deposit is three or four times that of its competitors. So many sharing bikes that are easy to ride only charge a deposit of 99 yuan. Why does Mobai charge as much as 299 yuan?

Without a deposit, Moby may not survive.

According to the news from the supply chain, Moby has sent 2 million large orders to its supply chain to cope with the increasingly severe competition.

What's the concept of an order for 2 million bicycles? Yong'an, the largest public bicycle operator in China, has only owned 700000 bicycles in six years.

Not to mention how much impact these two million vehicles will have on the parking environment and urban appearance of the city when they are put into a big city, but simply analyzing the sources of funds for the production of these two million bikes by Moby has made people worry about whether the road of Moby is feasible.

At present, the products of Moby bike are divided into classic and lite. According to the official information, the cost of classic Moby bike is as high as 6000 yuan at first, but it is still the most expensive shared bike on the market because of the realization of mass production. In addition, the cost of Moby Lite is also as high as 1000 yuan.

Assuming that Moby distributes two models in a 3:1 way (considering the instability of solar power generation, Moby also puts a lot less Lite model on the market than the classic model), this means that Moby has to invest:

1.5 million & times; 3000 + 500000 & times; 1000 = 5 billion yuan!

Even if the wind investment (about 4 billion yuan) absorbed by the whole bike sharing industry at present is added in, it will not fill the hole at all. It is said that in order to support this crazy production plan, Moby has begun to extend its hand to the deposit paid by users while seeking the next financing.

Then I think of the scene that Moby hired operation and maintenance personnel to move the same batch of cars around the city in the middle of the night. It seems that it's not only to 'let more people have bikes at any time'. Therefore, the real purpose of demolishing the east wall and mending the west wall is to circle the deposit.

Once Moby uses the deposit for production, it means that if there are too many users who require to return the deposit at the same time, Moby will not be able to return the user deposit, thus facing the risk of credit bankruptcy and capital chain fracture. When the wall falls, there will be a domino run. Mobai's emphasis on capital is understandable, but it is unreasonable for users to pay with deposit. But the reality is that if we can't get a sum of money in time, with the coming of winter, the user's use frequency will decrease, the daily order volume will decline, and the demand for deposit refund will increase, Moby will only face more and more pressure in the capital chain, and it's unknown whether we can support the production of these 2 million vehicles.

But when asked about the revenue model, Moby's founders simply answered, "think now, limit your imagination.". Growth is now the biggest theme. 'according to this logic, can all the companies that can't tell clearly and don't know the revenue prospect tell stories everywhere? From the ignorance of pursuing the technology to the ignorance of users' basic riding experience, to the misappropriation of users' deposit to fill the production and maintenance pit, the development path since Mobai all the way can't help worrying about the prospect. After all, bike sharing is not a good business.

In response to the tight capital chain, the pace of Mobai entering the city is getting faster and faster. At present, Moby has invested in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu, and its friction with competitors has been exposed frequently.

The space is tightening and the competition is becoming fierce. If we want to adhere to the mode and high cost and expand rapidly, Moby will be forced to misappropriate the unregulated high deposit.

Although the rapid expansion of Mobai bicycle can be maintained in a short period of time, once the growth stagnates and the market is saturated, there will be a run wave among users, and the crisis of capital chain rupture may be staged again.

There are opportunities for good / bad development in any industry, such as search, online shopping and bike sharing. As one of the players sharing bicycles, the rise and fall of Mobai will undoubtedly have a positive or negative impact on the industry. No one wants to see the good sharing bike industry finally become a street mouse. If Moby can continue to make money to survive, if they really want to go further, they should stay away from the poison of high deposit, and make products that meet the actual needs. The courage of a strong man is a necessity in winter.