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Developers run property certificate how to deal with two cases

Developers run property certificate how to deal with two cases

We know that we may encounter many pitfalls in the process of buying a house, and the worst is that the developer runs away after signing the contract and paying the money. So, developers run property certificate how to do? Can the owner handle the title certificate by himself? Now let's have a look together!

1、 Developers run property certificate how to do

According to Article 9 of the administrative measures for urban housing ownership registration, housing ownership registration is divided into: general registration; initial registration; transfer registration; change registration; registration of other rights; cancellation registration.

First of all, it depends on which stage the developers go through. The general contract will stipulate that the developer should register the property right after 90 days of delivery. According to the above provisions, without the initial registration of the house, the transfer of ownership can not be registered, and the buyer can not obtain the property right certificate of the house.

1. The developer has not registered the property right

2. The developer has gone through the property right registration and can't find the developer when it needs to go through the transfer registration.

Therefore, whether the developer can handle the certificate of property right after running depends on whether the developer has handled the initial registration.

2、 What causes developers to be unwilling to handle the initial registration of property rights

Due to the illegal behaviors of developers in the development process, such as not paying the land use right transfer fee in full, not carrying out the construction according to the plan, and the unqualified housing quality in the completion acceptance, the construction administrative department does not carry out the initial registration of the housing, so the developers can not obtain the large property right certificate, and thus can not handle the small property right for the buyers Evidence. Some developers are on the verge of bankruptcy because of disordered management, operating losses and lawsuits. Although they have not been written off, they are empty and hard to find. In the absence of initial registration of housing, the buyer can not handle the ownership certificate of the purchased housing.