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What fees should I pay when I hand over my new house

For budget minded families, buying vegetables requires a counter-offer, not to mention the current high price house. It's really not easy to own one's own house. In addition to all kinds of complicated processes, there are all kinds of payment items, so what fees should I pay when I hand over the house?

1、 Deed tax

Generally speaking, the payment of deed tax is often in direct proportion to the real estate price, and is charged according to the specific standards specified by the state, so there is generally no dispute.

However, it should be noted that some owners think that they are relocated households with demolition agreements in their hands and do not need to pay deed tax when they go through the check-in procedures is wrong. In practice or to pay taxes, and then with the demolition agreement to the local tax department for tax refund.

2、 Public maintenance fund

The public maintenance fund is only used for the overhaul, renewal and renovation of the public parts of the residence and public facilities and equipment after the expiration of the warranty period. It is jointly deposited by the owners and developers. It should be noted that in the second-hand housing transactions, public maintenance funds will not be involved.

3、 Property management fee

Under normal circumstances, the owners will start to pay the property management fee after receiving the house. Under normal circumstances, owners can choose to pay monthly or quarterly, but the specific property management fees should be subject to the contract.

4、 Heating fee

There's another cost that you don't have to pay in the south. After all, spending the winter in the south depends on your integrity. However, in this cold weather in the north, you have to pay for heating. However, it should be noted that the property company has no right to impose and charge the fee in advance, let alone take it as a reason not to deliver the house.

5、 Gas, cable TV, broadband opening fee

In general, the cost of cable TV and broadband is borne by the owners themselves, and the owners can go to the relevant departments to open an account. Of course, unless under special circumstances, such as signing an agreement with the developer, the developer can pay these fees, otherwise it is unnecessary.

Gas opening fee also depends on whether there is an agreement between developers and owners. If the developer promises the gas pipeline to enter the house before moving in, then these costs do not need to be borne by the owner. However, in general, the developer will bear the costs. The gas opening cost has been included in the total house price, and the cost of using gas every month is borne by the owner.

6、 Area survey fee and decoration deposit

Area surveying and mapping includes mapping area and measured area. Mapping area refers to the area of the house that needs to be registered before the house is built. After the house is built, the actual area must be recorded by relevant departments. Both need to be measured by professional surveying and mapping companies.

The principle of charging is that whoever entrusts charges. Under normal circumstances, the purchase contract has stipulated the obligation of the developer to provide the area measurement data to the buyer, so the cost should be borne by the developer.

When the owners get the house to start decoration, they need to pay a deposit in advance. If decoration workers damage property facilities and equipment, causing property losses to others, the deposit can be used to pay. If there is no illegal operation, the deposit will be returned, which is a better method of supervision and control.