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Infinite modification of micro signal

Infinite modification of micro signal

Infinite modification of micro signal due to official restrictions, wechat account only gives us one chance to modify. When we register an account, wechat is the default of the system, and when you modify it, wechat will inform you that only one chance is to modify it. Users who love playing always want to modify it repeatedly. Can wechat modify it repeatedly? How can wechat modify it indefinitely?

We need a cellphone S60V3, S60V5 mobile phone, of course, many people want to come to Tucao, where to look for this phone. Of course, if you have one, it's the best. If you don't have one, you can run Baidu Symbian emulator, Android emulator and computer emulator. You can download a Symbian version of wechat through the emulator. .

Log in to your wechat, log in to settings, click on the personal signature, and then click [my account], you will find that the first line [wechat] is editable, and you can modify it at will. Of course, we need to pay attention here. This one can only be clicked in five seconds. It will not be clicked after the timeout.

3. It's also mentioned here that the registered wechat account can't be modified. You need to search before you register. Although this function is weak for the vast majority of people, it's still helpful for the useful people.