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Can diabetic eat roasted sweet potato? Is sweet potato high in sugar

Can diabetic eat roasted sweet potato? Is sweet potato high in sugar the aroma of roasted sweet potato is indispensable in the streets and alleys in winter. Although roasted sweet potato is delicious, it is not suitable for everyone. For example, people with diabetes are worried that the patients with high sugar content in sweet potato cannot eat it. Is this true? Let's have a look at it together!

Sweet potato is not a very precious material, but its nutritional value far exceeds its price. Sweet potato is a health food with low fat and high fiber, which is rich in carbohydrates, dietary fiber, carotene, vitamins and many trace elements. Sweet potato not only has rich nutrition, but also has high health care function. It can not only nourish deficiency, Qi strength, spleen and stomach, kidney yin, but also invigorate blood circulation, Qi and body fluid, stomach and intestines, constipation, and make people live longer and have fewer diseases. For patients with arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, eating sweet potato has the effect of prevention and health care.

Can diabetic eat sweet potato?

It was found that sweet potato with white skin had some antidiabetic effect, and sweet potato was the best product for reducing blood sugar.

It is very important for the patients with hyperglycemia to have a balanced diet. Over nutrition is not conducive to the control of blood glucose, and it is not conducive to the weight loss of patients with high blood glucose. Malnutrition has a certain impact on the control of blood glucose. Therefore, the nutritional distribution of patients with hyperglycemia should be scientific and reasonable, and eating sweet potato naturally can not be arbitrary.

Although diabetic people can eat sweet potato, they are particular about how to eat it. The sugar content of sweet potato is about 20%, and 100g of sweet potato is equivalent to 25g of rice. If you eat non-staple food with sugar content more than 10%, you should deduct the portion of the main food to balance the intake of calories. Sugar friends are not completely isolated from sweet potatoes, but they should not be too close.

In the taste of sweet potatoes, you should pay attention to taste it, because if diabetes patients eat too much, it is easy to cause excessive heat energy, so as to affect blood sugar. Therefore, you can't eat too much sweet potato. You can eat it once a week. You'd better match it with some fresh fruits and vegetables. If the blood sugar level is high, you'd better not eat it first.

Therefore, diabetic patients are more strict in food selection and intake than ordinary people, and a little carelessness will lead to the outcome of soaring blood sugar.