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Can microsignals be modified? How can microsignals be modified? How can microsignals be modified sev when many friends use wechat, they mostly ignore wechat account and think that account and network name are one thing. Actually, wechat name can be changed at will, but there is only one wechat account, and the official only gives one chance to modify it. Then how to change wechat account? Let's explain the method of modifying wechat account with pictures and pictures.

Can microsignals be modified? How to modify microsignals

First, in the title bar of wechat, find the icon to open wechat settings. Click the icon, and you can see that there is a setting button in the pop-up dialog box.

We click the setting button to enter the setting page. You can see an option of my account below. We click my account. Then enter my account

Under my account, there is the option of wechat. Click this option to enter the wechat modification page.

Then, we can edit our new wechat. After editing, don't forget to click save above

matters needing attention:

[1] after each wechat is successfully registered and logged in for the first time, the system will automatically distribute a default wechat. If you have not changed the default wechat at that time, the default wechat can be modified once.

[2] if the default wechat is changed during registration, there will be an opportunity to modify the wechat after 1 to 3 months of use.

[3] now the newly registered wechat can't be modified in ten days and eight days.

[4] wechat cannot be modified for the second time. Please cherish the opportunity.