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The latest news of jiangge case

A review of the details of jiangge case in Tokyo the murder case of jiangge, a Chinese international student, recently opened. Before jiangge's murder, there was a great deal of public opinion. Jiangge's mother and murderer Chen Shifeng participated in the trial. On the first day of the trial, the two sides had great differences on the details and debate of the case. Let's see the summary of the trial information and differences of jiangge!

The case of Jiang Ge, a Chinese female student, was heard in Tokyo on December 11. Jiang GE's mother, the lawyer of the plaintiff and the defendant and the family of the suspect Chen Shifeng all attended the court. A reporter said Jiang GE's mother appeared in court with tears in her eyes.

The case of Jiang Ge, a Chinese female student who was killed in Japan, was heard in Tokyo on December 11. The trial and sentencing will take seven days, i.e. December 11-15, December 18 and December 20.

In the morning trial on December 11, the prosecution claimed that Chen Shifeng should carry a knife with him. Chen Fang's lawyer claimed that Liu Xin handed the knife to Jiang GE's bodyguard and quickly closed the door. According to Chen Shifeng, jiangge rang the doorbell several times with her elbow, but Liu Xin didn't open the door for jiangge. After Jiang Ge fell, Chen Shifeng thought of paying for the medical expenses and killed him.

In the 110 recordings provided by the Japanese police, Liu Xin's words were recorded clearly, "lock the door, and don't scold me. '

The prosecution accused Chen Shifeng of murder and intimidation, and the defendant Chen Shifeng only admitted the crime of intimidation.

It is reported that Chen Shifeng once threatened Liu Xin with a nude photo of Liu Xin.

In the afternoon of the 11th court hearing, Japan's Tokyo District Court released jiangge's autopsy report.

The left carotid artery in jiangge's neck was stabbed more than once, the forensic doctor said. There are 11-12 wounds in all.

The most fatal wound is called wound 6, which is the left common carotid artery. The blood loss is like a waterfall. Soon, the wound will lose consciousness and cannot make a sound. The same part of the wound is very deep and has been stabbed twice. After many wounds were stabbed, the knife was pulled out and stabbed again.

Hearing this, Jiang Mu fell on the table and cried bitterly.

In the opinion of the prosecutor, the disputes in this case are as follows:

The reason why Chen Shifeng went to jiangge's house. The prosecution thinks that the defendant went to jiangge's house to kill Liu Xin; the Defense says that the defendant went to jiangge specially, hoping jiangge could help him and Liu Xin get back together.

(2) who is the knife? Did the defendant have the intention to kill when he first attacked.

The prosecution believes that the case should focus on six aspects:

① Chen Shifeng changed his clothes when he went home.

When Chen Shifeng went to jiangge's home, he didn't get on the train at gaodaoping subway station where he was, but took two stops to get on the train, and didn't use a traffic card, so he bought a single ticket. (if a traffic card is used, a mobile record will be left. Among the evidence provided by the prosecution in the afternoon trial, Chen Shifeng's traffic card movement record from October 12 to November 5, 2016. Editor's note

③ the police found the tool case in the research room of chenshifeng University.

④ the defendant went to jiangge's house and waited in ambush on the third floor.

⑤ Jiang Ge and the defendant's injuries on the face and neck.

6. The damage marks on jiangge and the defendant's clothes.

For the final sentencing, the prosecution believes that the main basis is five points:

(1) the viciousness of the mode of crime;

(2) the intensity of the defendant's willingness to kill;

③ whether there is planning and preparation;

④ the severity of the results;

⑤ motive of killing.

Before the end of the trial, prosecutors said Jiang Qiulian, Jiang GE's mother, would testify in court tomorrow (12th), and Liu Xin would be questioned as a witness in real-time video on the afternoon of the 13th.

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