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How to deal with the toilet basin blocked

How to deal with the toilet basin blocked the washbasin in the bathroom is used for washing every day. If you accumulate dirty things for a long time, it will be blocked. It's also very troublesome to dredge them. Here's a trick to help you. You can dredge them yourself without calling the master.

1. Water channel dredger can dredge the blockage caused by hair and fine debris. In case of pipe blockage, pour in some water channel dredging agent, then add appropriate amount of water, and rinse with water for about 20 minutes.

2. Use soda powder and vinegar, and pour some soda powder into the pool to drink vinegar at the same time. The reaction between the two will produce gas, which can dredge the pipeline.

3. Take some caustic soda and pour it into the sewer. Then take a pot of boiling water and pour it in.

4. Toilet wash basin blockage is mostly caused by hair accumulation, you can also use a chopstick to insert the drain, poke out hidden things.

5. When the washbasin in the toilet is blocked, the air pump can be used to dredge, plug the air pump into the sewer, and then put a small amount of water, and then pump air into the pipe.

6. Common household hose, street water pipe, below the sewer, and then sealed with cloth pipe mouth, tap water opening. Water pressure dredge.

7. Find a log, and then in the basin access to the right amount of water, and then pumping log, under the pressure, the plug will be washed away.

The above is a small trick to dredge the toilet pipe. If the above trick doesn't work, you have to ask a professional maintenance technician.