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How to eat peanut to enter hospital rescue to return a responsibility? A peanut kills people

peanuts are a common food in our daily life, but have you ever heard that a peanut will kill people? We all know that children who don't have the ability to chew on their own can't eat peanuts and other nut foods to avoid choking and coughing by foreign bodies. What about adults? The old people eat peanuts and die in the hospital. Heart bypass surgery has survived. A peanut can kill people!

Mr. Chen, who lives in Futian District, said that his father died in the hospital two days ago because he ate peanuts. What's the matter? Is there any relationship between his death and peanuts?

The first day I ate peanuts, my throat was upset

The old man's daughter-in-law recalled that her father had eaten peanuts at home the day before yesterday, and the next day she felt some discomfort in her throat.

Peanut eating causes death? Family members question

The family said that Mr. Chen could still take the subway to the hospital yesterday afternoon, but by the time he received the phone call from the hospital at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, the old man had been sent to the hospital rescue room. What's hard for family members to accept is that two years ago, the old man had a heart bypass operation and survived. How could he die just because he ate peanuts?

Hospital: the condition is aggravated before laryngoscopy

For the family's questions, the reporter also contacted the head of the otolaryngology department of Shenzhen Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to learn about the situation. The relevant person in charge introduced that the patient's condition suddenly worsened yesterday before the receiving doctor prepared to carry out laryngoscopy examination, resulting in dyspnea and other symptoms.

Immediately send to the rescue room to start the emergency system

The hospital introduced that when entering the rescue room, the hospital immediately started the emergency system, the otolaryngology department, the rescue room personnel and other posts cooperated to rescue the patient at the first time, and informed the family members who arrived at the scene orally in time.

Foreign body coughing should not be ignored

So the family members questioned whether Mr. Chen entered the rescue room just because he ate peanuts. In this regard, the head of Otolaryngology Department introduced that whether children or adults, the potential risk of foreign body cough caused by discomfort cannot be ignored.