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Can cheap second-hand house be bought? What matters should be noticed in second-hand house transacti

In the second-hand housing market, we can occasionally encounter individual cheap houses. These houses usually say 'the owner's family is in a hurry to use money and sell it at a low price for cash' or 'the owner's family is going to immigrate at a certain time and the house is in urgent need of sale'. All kinds of views are exciting. But this cheap second-hand housing can buy it? If you are really interested in this kind of house, you should first investigate the house clearly, such as whether the house is restricted from transfer, what's the location of the house, whether there are problems with the quality of the house, etc., and then you can buy it after confirming it is correct. At the same time, we should be clear about the matters needing attention in the transaction of second-hand housing

Can you buy a cheap second-hand house

Can you buy a cheap second-hand house? Eliminate these three risks first!

1. The transfer of housing is restricted: the housing is in the state of mortgage; the housing is frozen due to litigation; the area where the housing is located is included in the scope of demolition; the nature of land use right is collective or allocated; the housing for comfortable living can not be traded on the market; in the process of housing rental, the transaction does not obtain the consent of the lessee, and generally the lessee has the preemptive right.

2. If there are problems, the price will not be high, such as houses close to some pollution sources and radiation sources.

3. The house itself has quality problems, such as water leakage, wall cracking, sewer blockage, insufficient water pressure and so on. These problems may be covered up by the owners. If the second-hand house is newly decorated and sold, the buyers will have a long mind.

Second hand housing transaction matters needing attention

1、 Determination of housing property rights

Some houses are shared by many individuals, such as heirs, families and husband and wife. Therefore, the buyer should sign a house sale contract with all the co owners. If only part of the co owners dispose of the joint property without authorization, the sales contract signed between the buyer and the co owners is generally invalid without the consent of other co owners.

2、 Clear land conditions

The buyer should pay attention to the nature of land use, whether it is allocation or transfer. The allocated land is generally used free of charge, and the government can recover it free of charge. The transfer is that the owner has paid the land transfer fee, and the buyer has a relatively complete right to the house; We should also pay attention to the service life of the land. If the land use right of a house is only 40 years, and the owner has used it for more than 10 years, it is not cost-effective for the buyer to measure it according to the price of commercial housing with 70 years of land use right in the same area.

3、 Is the house being rented

Some second-hand housing in the transfer, the existence of material burden, that is, others also rent. If the buyer only looks at the real estate certificate, only pays attention to the transfer procedures, and does not pay attention to whether there is a lease, the buyer is very likely to get a real estate that can not be moved in or used in time. Because our country, including most countries, recognize that the sale does not break the lease, that is to say, the house sale contract can not fight against the lease contract established earlier. This point is ignored by many buyers and intermediary companies in practice, and also used by many sellers, causing more disputes.

The above is about cheap second-hand housing can buy and second-hand housing transaction matters needing attention. There are many reasons why the house is expensive, and there are many reasons why the house is cheap. To buy a cheap house, you must first understand the situation of the house before making a decision. The above listed for you a few common problems of second-hand housing, if you encounter a particularly cheap second-hand housing, you have to keep an eye on it, ask a few more why.