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A bus carrying Chinese passengers how to save themselves in a bus accident in Japan

Bus carrying Chinese passengers how to save themselves in a Japanese bus accident Japan Kyodo news agency quoted Hokkaido police on December 11 as saying that at about 6:20 p.m. local time on the road of Hokkaido Hakodate City, a tourist bus carrying 27 Chinese people was involved in a car accident and many passengers were injured and sent to the hospital. It is reported that there is no risk of life for the injured.

It is impossible for us to give up the important option of bus completely in the choice of travel, so once encountering danger, learning how to save ourselves becomes the top priority, which may save our lives and other people's lives.

1. If there is a fire, first make sure to breathe, and then choose the way to escape!

In case of an accident, most buses will catch fire. At this time, the most important thing is to ensure the smooth breathing. Keep the mood stable, try not to panic and shout, so as not to inhale smoke; bend forward and breathe the bottom air; if the clothes catch fire, take them off in time, or roll on the ground.

2. The safety hammer is only useful when it is used correctly!

Safety hammer is the first tool for bus escape. Because many bus windows are closed, it is the first thing to learn how to use safety hammer to break the lathe in time and accurately to escape!

When using, use a safety hammer to hit the four corners of the glass, that is, the place where the car glass is relatively fragile. Because some glasses are covered with film, they will not fall off immediately after being broken. Passengers need to grasp the handrail in the car to support their body, and use their feet to kick the broken glass out of the car, and then jump through the window to escape.

3. Where is the escape door?

In the event of an accident, the door is still the preferred escape path, but if the door is blocked and cannot be opened in this accident, the escape door is another 'life path'.

So where is the escape door? It's the 'door' on the top of buses and buses! Many people mistakenly think it's a vent, but when there's a real accident, the function of the escape door is great! There's a button on the escape door, and after rotating, the whole door will be pushed outward.

Please remember these points! At the critical moment, it can help!