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Live address of 2018 Golden Globe Awards party live entrance of the 75th Golden Globe Awards party 2 the 2018 Film Golden Globe Awards will be announced soon. Many film and television fans can't wait to watch the feast. Do you know the live address of the 2018 film and television Golden Globe Awards? Let's have a look!

The 75th Golden Globe Award Ceremony of TV film in 2018:

Time: January 7, 2018

Award ceremony producer: DCP group

Global broadcast: NBC

The Golden Globe is sponsored by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which has been held annually since 1944. Until 2003, the Golden Globe Awards were held a few days before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voted for the Oscars. Since 2003, the Golden Globe Awards have been held in the middle of January every year, which is different from the Academy Awards ceremony held in late February.

As the outpost of the Oscar, the importance of the Golden Globe is self-evident. Compared with the Oscars, the atmosphere of the Golden Globe Awards ceremony is more relaxed and cordial. All kinds of famous stars will also dress up to attend, this is a gathering of big brands, flashing lights, the ultimate feast.

What unforgettable experiences will you leave for the coming 75th Golden Globe Award?

Experience the 75th Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globe Award is one of the most important awards in American film and television industry. As the first film and television award awarded every year, the Golden Globe Award is regarded by many people as the vane of the Oscar.

It's worth noting that the Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association has fine tuned the rules for receiving the 2018 Golden Globe Awards - more winners will appear on the stage at the 75th Golden Globe Awards in 2018.

It's not the end of the Golden Globes awards ceremony that will end the song and dance. In fact, after the end of the award ceremony live TV, it is the beginning of the real celebration. The film industry and the TV industry can relax and have a crazy night. Century Travel invites you and celebrities to enjoy the party together!