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Complete list of 2018 Golden Globe Awards nomination list of the 75th Golden Globe Awards 2018

Complete list of 2018 Golden Globe Awards nomination list of the 75th Golden Globe Awards 2018 Recently, the 75th U.S. film and television Golden Globe Awards in 2018 announced the shortlist of films. This year's big hit "the shape of water" won 7 nominations, while the TV series "big and small lies" led the TV awards. Who will hold the golden ball and wait for us to see. Let's see the complete shortlist next!

On December 11, local time, the 75th Golden Globe of American film and Television Awards announced the shortlist. The film "shape of water" directed by Gilmore & middot; del & middot; Toro took the lead, while the Emmy Award winner "big and small lies" led the TV awards. There are four old movie heroes, Lewis, Hanks, oldman and Washington, and "please call me by your name" young Timothy chalmay. The competition is very fierce. Mermaid's love of "the shape of water" 7 points to lead, large representative of "dunkerk" 3 points. In the aspect of drama series, it continues the cruelty of Amy's "big and small lies" and "old enemy" that four Oscar winners contend for a limited play to see after ", big and small lies also won the most six mentions, followed by four items of" old enemy ", and many items of" ice blood storm "," maiden's story "and" our day ".

The 2018 Golden Globe Awards will be presented on January 7. Here is the shortlist:

Film category:

Best movie in plot

Please call me in your name


Washington Post

The shape of water

Three billboards

Best Actress - Drama

Jessica and Middleton chastan's game of Molly

The shape of water by Sally Middleton Hawkins

Three billboards by Francis middleman

Meryl & Middleton Streep, Washington Post

The world of money by Michelle Middleton Williams

Best Actor - Drama

Please call me in your name

The phantom of neon by Daniel Middleton Day Lewis

Tom Middleton Hanks Washington Post

The darkest hour by Gary Middleton Oldman

How do you do, Mr. Roman

Best movie in music / Comedy

Disaster artist

Escape from juelian town

The king of circus

I, Tonya

Miss bird

Best actress in music / comedy movies

Victoria and Abdullah by Judy middot Dench

Me, Tonia by Margot and Middleton Robbie

Miss bird by Sylvia & middot Ronan

Emma Middleton, the battle of gender

The leisure seeker by Helen middot Mirren

Best actor in music / Comedy

The sex war by Steve Middleton Carrell

Ansel middot Alcott's the great thief of the car

Disaster artist by James Middleton Franco

King of the circus by Hugh middot Jackman

Escape from the town of JueJie by Daniel Middleton kaluya

Best Supporting Actress

The world of the earth by Mary Middleton Brigitte

Zhou Hong's reducing life

I, Tonia by Alison & middot; Jenny

Miss bird by Laurie middlepot Metcalfe

The shape of water by Octavia & Middleton Spencer

Best supporting actor in the movie

The world of money by Christopher Middleton Plummer

Paradise in Florida by William Middleton Dafoe

Please call me in your name

The shape of water by Richard Middleton Jenkins

Three billboards by Sam Middleton Rockwell

Best director of the film

The shape of water by Gilmore and middlet; del and middlet; toro

Three billboards by Martin McDonnell

Dunkirk by Christopher middot Nolan

The world of money by Ridley Scott

Steven Middleton Spielberg, Washington Post

Best Screenplay

The shape of water by Gilmore and middlet; del and middlet; toro

Miss bird by Greta middot

Liz & Middleton; Hannah Josh & Middleton; singer, Washington Post

Three billboards by Martin McDonnell

The game of Molly by Alan Middleton sokin

Best animation

Baby boss

The breadwinner

The journey of seeking dreams

Adventures of the bull

Beloved Van Gogh

Best foreign language film

Ordinary women

They killed my father first

From nowhere

No love to sue


Best soundtrack for film

Three billboards by Carter Middleton browell

The shape of water by Alexander middot despra

The phantom of neon by Johnny middlewood

John Middleton Williams Washington Post

Dunkirk by Hans middot Zimmer

Best original song in film category

'home', adventures of the bull

'mighty river', the world of earth

'remember me' "journey around the dream seeking ring"

'the star'

'this is me', the king of circus

TV class:

Outstanding Drama Series


Game of power

The maid's story

Strange stories

Our day

Best actress in a drama series

The legend of the ancient battlefield

Crown by Claire middot Foy

Legend of fallen Street

Thirteen reasons by Catherine Middleton Lanford

Elizabeth Middleton Moss's the maid's story

Best actor of drama series

Sterling & middot; K & middot; brown, "our day"

Good doctor by Freddy middot Helmer

The coquettish lawyer by Bob middot odenkock

Sweeper by Levi middlepot Schreber

The holy land of black money by Jason Middleton Bateman

Best comedy series

The Black family

The great lady mather

Master Wuwei

Single hot mom

Will and grace

Best actress of musical comedy series

Better things by Pamela and middot adlong

Allison Middleton Bree, the beauty wrestling League

Rachel Middleton brosnahan the great lady

Issa middot; Ray's sense of unease

Frankie & middot; Xiao's single hot mother

Best actor of musical comedy series

Anthony Middleton Anderson, the Black family

Master of inaction

I love Dick by Kevin middot beckon

William & middot; H & middot; Messi, the shameless man

Will and grace by Eric middot McCormack

Best limited play, TV movie

Big and small lies

Ice blood storm

The old enemy: Betty and Joan

Top of Enigma Lake: Chinese girl

The truth of sinners

Best actress in TV and film

Jessica Middleton Bell's the truth of sinners

Nicole Middleton Kidman's big and small lies

The big and small lies by Reese and Middleton Witherspoon

Jessica and middot Lange, the old enemy: Betty and Joan

Susan & middot Sarandon, the old enemy: Betty and Joan

Best actor in a limited play or TV movie

The fraud of the holy hand by Robert middot De Niro

Young Pope by Jude and middot law

Kyle middot McClaren's two peaks

Ivan Middleton McGregor's blood storm

Genius by Geoffrey and middot rush

Best supporting actress in TV series

Big and small lies by Laura Middleton Dunn

Stories of maids by ANN Middleton Tang De

Our day by Chris Middleton mays

Michael Middleton Fife, the master of deception

The big and small lies by Xie Lin and middot Woodley

Best supporting actor in TV series

The old enemy: Betty and Joan

The big and small lies by Alexander Middleton skasgard

The ice blood storm by David Middleton huris

David & middot Harper's Strange Tales

The hacker corps by Christian Middleton Slater