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How much is the maintenance fee of Rolls Royce

How much is the maintenance fee of Rolls Royce Recently, a traffic accident in Shenyang triggered a circle of friends. It's nothing new that ordinary vehicles hit a luxury car. However, the circle of friends is boiling because of the words of the owner of the luxury car. The first sentence of the owner of the luxury car is: sell the house... Although it's too hurtful, it's true. So how much does the Rolls Royce repair cost to make the car owners talk like this? Let's have a look!

At about 15:30 on December 8, a brand new Rolls Royce with a temporary license plate was hit near the Buyang international shoes city, Shenhe District, Shenyang.

Eyewitness Ms. Fan said: 'I only heard a' GA 'from behind. Rolls Royce was hit and the left front face was obviously damaged. The front bumper of the modern private car fell off when it stopped at the back of Rolls Royce.

Ms. Fan said that at that time, Rolls Royce was parked in the through lane, and the modern car was parked vertically at the back of Rolls Royce. 'the big brother driving Rolls Royce gets off the car and his face is black. The first sentence is & lsquo; sell a house & rsquo;'!

The owners of modern cars are in the state of "Mongolia circle", with online quotation. The price of Rolls Royce is between 4 million and 14 million. The "little golden man" in front of the car alone is worth 240000 yuan!

The third-party insurance of modern cars is 500000 yuan, while the car damage is more than 500000 yuan, which needs to be paid by oneself. 500000 can buy a house in the third tier cities.

Insurance company personnel said that the general situation saw the luxury car to hide, who can hit up!

According to the law, those who infringe upon the property of others due to their fault shall bear the compensation liability caused by their fault, and the compensation liability cannot be exempted.

Nowadays, there are many luxury cars on the road, and we often hear about all kinds of luxury car accidents on the Internet. The maintenance cost of luxury cars is not affordable for the ordinary working class, nor is it possible for every Rolls Royce to lose a handful of green onions after being hit. After all, other people's money is not falling from the sky. Therefore, we must obey the traffic rules when driving, and avoid any fluke mentality, so as not to regret after the accident.