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A review of the details of jiangge case in Tokyo

A review of the details of jiangge case in Tokyo the murder case of jiangge, a high-profile Chinese student, opened today. Before jiangge's murder, there was a great deal of public opinion. Liu Xin, jiangge's roommate, kept his mouth shut after he was killed, and was rejected by netizens. Chen Shifeng, the real murderer, will also be punished by law. Let's see the latest news and review of the incident!

The case of Jiang Ge, a Chinese female student, was heard in Tokyo on December 11. Jiang GE's mother, the lawyer of the plaintiff and the defendant and the family of the suspect Chen Shifeng all attended the court. A reporter said Jiang GE's mother appeared in court with tears in her eyes.

In front of the referee office, Jiang Feng, editor in chief of the Xinhua overseas Chinese News and a specially appointed reporter of global network, accepted an interview with the reporter of the situation column on the jiangge case. According to Jiang Feng, the focus of journalists is on how to evaluate Liu Xin. According to Jiang Feng, this is a question of moral criticism and moral salvation.

Case review

At 12 o'clock last late autumn night (November 3), jiangge received a call from Liu Xin, hoping that she would pick her up at the station and go home. Jiang Ge rushed to the station to pick up Liu Xin, but when he arrived at the apartment building where he lived, Liu Xin's ex boyfriend was waiting in front of the apartment building, and the three people had a dispute. Then Jiang Ge called Liu Xin advanced room, debated with the man himself, and blocked the man from entering the room.

Then, Liu Xin and his neighbors heard the scream, and immediately called the police. Jiang Ge fell down in the corridor, stabbed his neck several times (the biggest wound is 10cm long), bleeding. After the police arrived, Jiang Ge was rushed to the hospital, but because of the excessive blood loss, she could not save her life.

Jiangge's mother said that when jiangge went to the station to meet Liu Xin, the two men had been talking, which lasted until 18 minutes before her daughter was killed.

On November 24, 2016, Japanese police confirmed that the suspect was an ex boyfriend of a girl living with him. When questioned by Japanese police, Chen Shifeng said that he had not gone out at home at the time of the crime and denied the crime. 42 days after the incident, Japanese police charged the suspect with homicide.

After learning that Chen Shifeng was not necessarily sentenced to death, Jiang GE's mother launched an activity to solicit signatures for Chen Shifeng's death sentence. According to the Legal Evening News, the case will open in Tokyo on December 11, 2017.

Jiangge, born in Qingdao, Shandong Province in 1992, lives in a single parent family and lives with her mother since childhood. In April 2016, he was admitted to Graduate School of Japan University of law. With two months to go, she plans to stay in Japan after graduation, and plans to save 3 million yen to travel around the world in five years.

But it all stopped in the middle of the night. The diagram above shows the relationship among the three of them.

After the murder, jiangge's mother has been looking for Liu Xin. She wants to know about her daughter when she was killed. But in the past 300 days, Liu Xin has never met jiangge's mother.

Looking for Liu Xin

The following wechat is Liu Xin's first promise to tell the truth after investigation.

Liu Xin promised to come to jiangge's funeral, but she didn't show up.

Liu Xin was in the police car across the road from the funeral site. She cried all morning and asked to attend jiangge funeral, but was refused by Japanese police.

Sometimes, people's misunderstanding often starts from the subjective conjecture after the appearance you see, but this is not necessarily the true face of things.

On the 13th day of Jiang GE's death, Liu Xin did not reply to Jiang Mu's wechat. Later, she said, at that time, she went to the police station every day to take notes. She was ignorant and didn't look at her mobile phone very much.

November 24, 2016

When Japanese police issued an arrest warrant for suspect Chen Shifeng, Liu Xin, who disappeared for 13 days, finally appeared on wechat. She told Jiang GE's mother some personal information and identification photos of her ex boyfriend Chen Shifeng. After a brief exchange the next day, Liu Xin disappeared again and stopped answering any questions from Jiang GE's mother.

December 11, 2016

Jiang GE's mother once again went to Japan to deal with Jiang GE's incident. Liu Xin promised to pick up the plane, and told the details of the day of the crime face to face, but failed again. During the day, Liu Xin once asked jiangge's mother to meet, but she missed it because of the tight schedule of jiangge's mother.

December 14, 2016

On the 42nd day of jiangge's murder, Chen Shifeng was formally charged with murder. On that day, Liu Xin never replied to jiangge's mother's news.

For more than 100 days, Jiang GE's mother has been looking for Liu Xin.

Jiang GE's mother looks at the picture of her daughter at home, thinks about her daughter, tears her face every day, sobs and says: 'how good the ten knives stabbed me! I am in pain every day. Are you thinking about my mother? My little song...'

She not only suffered from her daughter's knife blocking and death in another country, but also worried about Jiang GE's roommate Liu Xin's late refusal to show up and tell him about the night of the crime. Especially after Liu Xin's parents pulled her phone black

21 may 2017

Jiang GE's mother exposed Liu Xin's family address, work unit, license plate number and other personal information. She said she wanted to force Liu Xin out.

Later, she received Liu Xin's wechat, asking her to delete the family information from the Internet, saying that it has violated the right of privacy, otherwise, she would not assist the police in handling the case.

During the one year investigation of jiangge case, due to Liu Xinchang's failure to respond to jiangmu and the exposure of family information, the two turned from private online communication to open debate on microblog. The contradiction between jiangge's mother and Liu Xin became more and more serious. Finally, with the help of the media, they finally met the first side of 249 days late in the local village committee office.

August 23, 2017

After meeting, Jiang said, 'I'm glad to see you. '

Liu Xin was crying all the time, saying, 'I'm sorry, auntie. '

Netizens argued for Jiang's mother, saying Liu's apology was insincere:

And jiangge's mother asked a question that had puzzled her for a long time: 'was jiangge's door locked that night?'

Liu Xin said: 'I really didn't lock the door. When I heard the call, I put on my pants and went to open the door. After the door was opened for 30 cm, it was closed again. Then I couldn't open it. From the cat's eyes, it was fuzzy. I couldn't see anything. I immediately called the police. '

However, netizens said about Japanese door locks:

When netizens criticized Liu Xin, they asked her why she didn't see Jiang GE's mother. She said:

This year long 'jiangge incident' is about to break through the clouds and see the sky. Some people have expressed their views on this matter

Views from all sides

About Liu Xin

Some people say that after the incident, Liu Xin should go to see jiangge's mother. Even if the police don't let the questions asked by her aunt be disclosed, comfort her, don't reply to the news or even disappear, it's hard to imagine. In addition, it's not right for her parents to blackmail jiangge's mother's phone. Escaping is never the solution to the problem, only makes the situation worse.

About Jiang Mu

Others said that Jiang GE's mother's exposure of family privacy was a little extreme. Why did she keep a close eye on Liu Xin? Liu Xin promised the police that many things could not be said, so she could ask the police.

About netizens

Some people say that, as a netizen, when you see a report or a video, maybe you will catch the wind and catch the shadows and have ideas about things, and happen to see someone who has similar views with you, then write one-sided or extreme comments. However, these words are just like a dagger stabbing the person concerned.

About the cause of the incident

Let's go back to the root cause of the jiangge incident. Liu Xin's ex boyfriend is actually waiting for Liu Xin with a knife at the door of jiangge's home. It's her who is going to start. Lovers are trapped by love and hate because of love, but unfortunately, they are involved in their roommate Jiang Ge.

It can't help but make people think deeply. They all say that the IQ of women in love is zero. What about men in love? Are they animals?

On the morning of March 21 this year, the surveillance probe of a building in Binjiang District of Hangzhou recorded a cruel scene: two figures on the opposite balcony shook. Soon, one figure fell from the balcony, the hair spread, and the other figure returned to the room. It's only 10 seconds.

Xue Mou, a foreign student, left Shanshan (not her real name) on the 19th floor. The motivation is that Xue found that his efforts to the girl were in vain. The night before the crime, he heard Shanshan talking with a man for a long time.

In the early morning of September 7, 2014, Shao Tong and Li Nannan, who were studying at Iowa State University in the United States, once again had a dispute. During the dispute, he strangled Shao Tong, then covered Shao Tong's face with a towel and put the body into the trunk.

There are so many chilling events. It's really terrible to pursue failure, quarrel, break up and retaliate. I didn't expect that they all turned into violent killings. In love, no matter what situation they encounter, it is the most powerless and ineffective way to respond to each other in an extreme way, and the harm and influence brought by this are far beyond themselves, maybe two families or even more innocent people.

No matter at home or abroad, as an adult, you must be calm and think twice before you do anything. We should dare to face and admit what we have done wrong.