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Asian squat fire all over the circle of friends Asian squat only Asians can do it?

recently, the Asian squat position has become completely popular. Can you do it? "Asian squat" -- recently, the circle of friends was swiped by an action. What is' Asian squat '? The standard action is to squat to the lowest position with the whole foot on the ground, the big and small legs folded and the hips close to the heels. So the question is, why can some people complete 'Asian squat', while others can't? Really only Asians can do it?

"Asian squat" really only Asian people can do it?

There are questions on foreign websites about why only Asians can do Asian squats. According to a survey, only 13.5% of Americans can do Asian squats, but not Asian Americans or yogis. "Asian squatting" can only be done by Asians? On the website, many foreign netizens think that European and American people are generally too strong and legs are too long, resulting in their inflexible squatting. However, after training, most people can easily 'squat in Asia'. In foreign fitness forums, "Asian squat" has become a trend way to relax, lose weight and shape.

Dr. Jiang Yiqiu, orthopedic doctor of Nanjing No.1 Hospital, told reporters that to complete the 'Asian squat', it needs the cooperation of waist, hip, knee and ankle as well as the cooperation of multiple muscles of the body. The muscles used in squatting are: erector spine, gluteus maximus, quadriceps femoris, poplites and triceps crus. Any muscle problem will lead to the loss of 'Asian squat' function. In addition, there are some diseases, such as knee joint, hip joint, ankle joint and lumbar spine, which also lead to failure to complete 'Asian squat'.

So to sum up, this posture must be able to be done only when all joints and muscles are well coordinated. Of course, it's probably too fat to finish the Asian squat!