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What are the precautions for wedding photos? What color underwear do you wear for wedding photos?

For men and women, marriage is the inevitable result of a certain stage of love. It is the wish of each new couple to wear a white wedding dress and keep a beautiful moment. Only when they are ready to take wedding photos can they enjoy the best. So what are the preparations before taking wedding photos? Let's take a look at them with!

I. preparation of the bride before taking wedding photos:

1. Underwear: the bride should bring her own white or beige strapless bra. The color of the underwear should be meat color, and she can bring her own leggings. It is convenient to change the wedding dress or pose.

2. Hair washing: in the new year, you should wash your hair one day before the wedding photo. After cleaning your hair, you'd better not use any modeling products, and you'd better keep the method of making, so that it's convenient for the makeup artist to do hair modeling.

3. Make up: don't make up on the day when you take wedding photos. It's better to let the makeup artist follow the makeup all the way. If there is a skin allergy bride, suggest that you can bring your own foundation, and take the initiative to explain the situation with the makeup artist.

4. Manicure: before taking wedding photos, the bride can go to the manicure shop for manicure once to make the nails look the best in light color.

5. Body hair cleaning: when taking wedding photos, you will change into different wedding dresses, some of which need to be bareback or off shoulder. The bride should clean up the body hair before taking wedding photos, such as armpit hair, obvious hair on the back, etc. after cleaning, it is necessary to soothe the skin with moisturizer, etc.

6. Socks: you can wear long silk socks, pay attention to matching with your skin color.

7. Shoes: choose a pair of sports shoes so that you can walk comfortably. You can change into sneakers at rest and high heels when you want to shoot, so you won't be so tired.

8. Food: it's tiring to take wedding notes. You can bring some sweets such as chocolate to supplement your physical strength. Also bring more water to avoid water shortage affecting the body.

2. Preparations for the bridegroom before taking wedding photos:

1. Leather shoes: the groom should prepare black leather shoes, which should be worn when taking wedding photos.

2. Underpants: please don't choose the underpants with deep color or decor to avoid the obvious color performance when taking wedding photos and wearing white trousers.

3. Grooming: one day before taking wedding photos, groom your appearance, shave your beard, make yourself look more energetic, trim your nails, etc., and maintain a clean image.

4. Sports shoes: it may be uncomfortable to wear leather shoes for a whole day when taking wedding photos again. You can bring a pair of leisure sports shoes with you, and you can change them at rest.

5. Haircut: the groom should also pay attention to his hair style. Before taking wedding photos, he should go to the hairdresser to trim his hair a little, so that people can look fresh.