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How to check whether there is a pinhole camera in the room?

How to check whether there is a pinhole camera in the room? we will choose to stay in the hotel when we travel to other places. But in recent years, there are more and more news reports about the hotel's insecurity. With the installation of pinhole cameras, more and more unsafe factors are flooding the hotel industry. When we check in the hotel, how to prevent these insecurity? Today, Xiaobian will show you the way to identify pinhole cameras.

On December 3, Mr. Zhao and his girlfriend stayed in Room 303 of Maidian theme hotel, Jingfu Road, Mudanjiang city. The next morning, when they were preparing to leave, Mr. Zhao found something similar to a pinhole camera in the wall socket. Look carefully. It's a camera. Mr. Zhao immediately found the person in charge of the hotel and at the same time chose to call the police.

The reporter learned from Mudanjiang police on July 7 that after receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene for investigation as soon as possible, and removed the socket with the pinhole camera for inspection.

Then the police asked the person in charge of the hotel. The person in charge said that the camera was not installed in the hotel. At the same time, the police checked other rooms of the hotel and found no similar situation.

At present, the local police have transferred the camera to the technical department for identification, and the relevant situation is under further investigation.

What is a pinhole camera?

1. As the name implies, pinhole camera is a very small camera, as big as a needle. Because of its small size, convenient installation, good concealment, it is not easy to be found.

2. Pinhole camera mainly relies on infrared ray to capture the picture at night. Of course, if the room has good light, the picture will be clearer.

If the camera without infrared function can't capture the picture when there is no light at night, just like the mobile phone camera without fill light (flash), it will bring out a black.

How to check the pinhole camera?

1. Turn on the camera function of mobile phone

Note that it needs to be noted that '5S camera has filtered infrared, so it can't be checked! "

2. Turn off the lights in the room and draw the curtains to make the room dark without any light?

The darker the check, the better the condition!

3. Then turn on the camera function of mobile phone, turn around the room, and check the dead corner and ceiling of the room.

TV, air conditioning and other places where pinhole cameras may be installed.

If there is a pinhole camera, the red dot will be seen on the mobile phone. The red dot is the camera.

There are very few mobile phones on the market. For example, 5S is infrared filtered, so it can't be checked.

4. Finally, unplug the power supply of the TV directly when sleeping, because some people will install the camera in the TV as reported in the news.

Rest at night, turn off the lights and close the curtains.

III. precautions

This method is useless for 5S mobile phone. If you are using 5S, please change your mobile phone to check.