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Opening hours of Yichun chrysanthemum show 2018 admission address of Yichun chrysanthemum show

Chrysanthemum is a representative flower in autumn. Chrysanthemum is something that people rely on and repose their feelings in autumn. Appreciating chrysanthemum and brewing chrysanthemum wine are people's daily customs, and appreciating chrysanthemum activities can be traced back very early. Nowadays, chrysanthemum appreciation activities are held every year and have won high praise. When will the fifth Chrysanthemum Exhibition of Yichun Yuanshan Park start in 2018? Let's have a look!

The 5th Chrysanthemum Exhibition of Yichun Yuanshan Park in 2018

Admission: Free

Time: October 28 - November 27, 2018

Venue: Yuanshan Park

Chrysanthemum itself has a long history of cultivation in China. There was a record in the ancient books of the pre Qin Dynasty that the moon of the autumn was in season. There was a saying that chrysanthemum had Huanghua.

There are praises for Chrysanthemum in the book of songs and songs of Chu. In the Song Dynasty, the first monograph on chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum spectrum, expresses Chinese people's love for chrysanthemum from all ages.

With chrysanthemum as the media, the exhibition combines chrysanthemum culture, moon culture, clean government culture and good man culture. Using the element of chrysanthemum, we can build chrysanthemum platform, weave chrysanthemum vines, make full use of resources, combine straw with chrysanthemum, and give full play to chrysanthemum color and fragrance.

The whole park will be divided into 10 theme areas, including clean government culture exhibition area, good people culture exhibition area, plant sculpture exhibition area, waste utilization art exhibition area, plant weaving exhibition area, succulent plant exhibition area, fine Chrysanthemum Exhibition Area, figure sports modeling exhibition area, celebrity 'chanting Chrysanthemum' calligraphy and painting exhibition area, and 'Continuation front edge' exhibition area.

The top ten theme sections let you play all the way.

This year, larger chrysanthemum display activities will be opened, and Mingyueshan has set up a branch venue. The branch venue Scarecrow creative competition, chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum wine, chrysanthemum banquet and so on will make you enjoy the chrysanthemum continuously. The chrysanthemum exhibition also has a succulent plant exhibition hall. The enterprises planting more than 100 mu of succulent plants have set up a succulent plant exhibition hall to display more than 100 varieties of succulent plants.

This exhibition is free! The exhibition venue is in Fengcheng square, the central city. During this period, Yichun will also display various Chrysanthemum products, which can be tasted and purchased.

In terms of convenient service construction, parking areas for non motor vehicles and motor vehicles were set up around the exhibition hall, and staff guided and standardized parking.

As the scenic spots are open, and there are a large number of visitors, in order to maintain the order of the scenic spot and the safety of tourists, please enjoy the flowers in a civilized way, follow the command of the management personnel, and at the same time, cherish the environment, keep the health, travel in a civilized way, enjoy the flowers in a civilized way, so as to jointly maintain the quality of Yichun people and the image of the city.

Chrysanthemum Exhibition site plan to you.

What are the highlights of this exhibition! Let's get to know each other.

Boutique real estate exhibition, I don't understand this. Let's take a look at the next one.

Old Beijing Temple Fair

Similar to the food festival, there is a food corridor in the park. This event has 45 booths, allowing all kinds of gold medal chefs and gourmets to gather in this grand event to perform their cooking skills and have a food competition. It includes all kinds of special food for tourists to enjoy. No matter go out to play, or participate in the exhibition activities, the most exciting thing for me is the on-site food exhibition.

Highlight 3: bright jade exhibition, amusement Carnival

All kinds of exotic flowers, vivid inventory moved out of the cabinet, for everyone to enjoy.

Highlight 4: brand special party

Well prepared song and dance parties, beautiful lighting, song and dance performances, fashion trendsetters like to come.

Highlight 5: folk culture exhibition, my favorite candy when I was a child, not only delicious, but also good-looking. When my own child grows up, I will still recommend this food to her, oh! When I was a child, there was the turntable. When I turned to the turntable, the master made it. I was happy. The dragon pattern was magnificent and grand.

Autumn, a bit cool, but it is a good time to travel.