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How much room humidity is the best way to increase room humidity

How much room humidity is the best way to increase room humidity the climate in winter is cold and dry. If you don't pay attention to drinking water, you will feel very dry. Adding humidity to the room can not only improve the comfort of the human body, but also prevent the skin moisture from evaporating and keep the water moist. Then how much humidity is suitable in the room and how to increase the humidity in the room?

What's the appropriate indoor humidity in winter

The comfortable humidity of human body is: relative humidity is less than 70%.

According to theory, the humidity that the human body can adapt to is 30% - 80%, but the higher the humidity is, the more uncomfortable it may feel. It is affected by the weather temperature. In winter, it is generally recommended that the indoor humidity be less than 70%.

In autumn and winter and the air-conditioned room, the humidity is usually only 10% - 15% RH, so the room humidity is too low, staying for a long time will make people's skin tense, dry and even on fire, deeply uncomfortable. So in winter, we should pay attention to keep the indoor humidity, especially when the heating is on, and ensure the relative humidity is 45% - 65% RH. Within this range of humidity, the human body is the most comfortable.

The right humidity greatly improves the comfort of human body

Only in terms of relative humidity, the most suitable relative humidity for human body is 40% - 50%, because the bacteria in the air have the shortest life span in this humidity range, human skin will feel comfortable and breathe normally.

The humidity is very high, even in the low temperature environment, for example, when the relative humidity reaches 90% at 28 ℃, the human body will feel the temperature reaches 34 ℃. This is because when the humidity is high, the water vapor content in the air is high, and the evaporation is small. A large amount of sweat excreted by the human body is difficult to evaporate, and the heat in the body cannot be dissipated freely, so it will feel sultry.

How to increase humidity indoors

Use humidifier

Humidifier is not very expensive electrical appliances, and the size of humidifier should be determined according to the indoor area. For example, 30 square meters indoor is more suitable for 400ml humidifier per hour, 50 square meters indoor is more suitable for 500ml humidifier per hour, which basically means 1 square meter: 10ml per hour.

Place green plants

Where there are more plants, there will be more water. Therefore, in winter, more plants can be planted, and the plants can be placed indoors. They can not only purify the air, but also increase the air humidity, such as red palm, green pineapple, iron tree, orchid, etc., which can be placed in every corner of the room, so that the indoor humidity is relatively average. Pay attention to mosquito prevention.

Sprinkle water on the ground

In the northern families with warm floor, the air humidity is often relatively low, which makes people feel very uncomfortable with dry skin. You can sprinkle a little water on the floor every day, or use a wet mop to mop the floor twice, or you can alleviate the indoor dryness.

Put a basin of water.

This is the easiest way to increase the air humidity. Put a basin of water in the room. The heat of air conditioning and floor heating will accelerate the evaporation of water, and let the water vapor diffuse to the air, then the air humidity can be increased. Use a towel, half in the water, half in the air, so the humidification effect will be better.

Pay attention to ventilation in winter

Although the weather is cold, many people may have closed doors and windows at home, which is not good for health at all. The bacteria from breathing are gathered in the house and cannot be discharged. Therefore, in winter, it is necessary to ensure the ventilation of doors and windows twice a day. It is appropriate to open windows around 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for ventilation. A sun just comes out, and a sun will soon disappear Loss, the air will be more warm and humid, suitable for indoor replacement air.

Pay attention to replenishing water in winter

In winter, when the air is dry, whether or not the heating equipment such as air conditioning and floor heating are turned on, it is also necessary to pay attention to the replenishment of water for the skin and the body, otherwise it is easy to suffer from water shortage and dryness. The skin should pay attention to maintenance, often wipe the moisturizing and hydrating milk, but also drink more water, increase the amount of drinking water, which can effectively prevent dryness.