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Why are Zhaowei's 4 companies empty? How did Zhaowei explain it?

Why are Zhaowei's 4 companies empty? How did Zhaowei explain it?

Original title: what's wrong with Zhao Wei's 4 companies? Zhao Wei responds to the rumor: can't they be decorated?

≫ & gt; respond to rumors

Is there any mistake in decorating the company?

Recently, the couple of Huang Youlong and Zhao Wei showed their love in high profile on Weibo, and Wei Qu complained about the crime of public opinion. Please give some space to the law.

But on the other hand, there are media reports that Zhaowei's Unlisted Companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhu and other places have gone empty, which immediately set off another wave of public opinion. Zhao Wei also responded to the rumor on the 7th.

On the evening of the 7th, Zhao Wei announced: "can't we decorate the company to make the working environment better? It has been decorated for half a year. The decorator has worked hard. He has been working hard at night to make the building noise free. Don't want the employees to be polluted by decoration, move to another place for temporary office, and come back again. Is there any mistake? '(source: FutureNet)

On the evening of December 4, Huang Youlong suddenly made his first public voice on the acquisition of Wanjia culture, publicly protecting his wife and publicly denying that he was the driver of a certain leader for the first time. Huang youlonghai said he "lacks financial experience", "has never had any illegal ideas or crossed the moral bottom line to obtain wealth". And yelled at his wife Zhao Wei, 'you've been pushed to the forefront of the storm again! How wronged you are! You trust me unconditionally these years, I just want to tell you that you don't believe the wrong person! From now on, I will stand in front of you from behind you and try my best to stop all the harm for you!' Zhao Wei then forwarded the micro blog and said, 'thank you for not loving me wrong, I have a clear conscience in my life!' (source:

≫ & gt; empty?

Zhao Wei's four Beijing companies' suddenly moved away '

Recently, the daily economic news reporter went to Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhu and other places for a month to investigate the operation of several unlisted companies invested by Zhao Wei in the mainland. It turned out that four Beijing companies' suddenly moved out '.

To the reporter's surprise, after the elevator was lifted, the glass doors on the right side were covered with foam paper, and the paper was pulled out of the gap to look inside. The whole floor was empty, leaving wooden furniture, climbing stairs, cartons and other decorating supplies, but there were no decorators. The reporter stayed on this floor for nearly four hours, and did not see a single person. Although we did not see any staff member of Zhao Wei's company, we can find out that the four companies are exactly the same whether they are left on the phone or the contact's mailbox. The reporter called the public number many times to find out the current address of the company, but no one answered.

It is understood that Zhao Wei's four companies in Beijing are: long Xuxin (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd., Beijing Prince Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Ola Trading Co., Ltd. and Mengluo (Beijing) Liquor Trading Co., Ltd., all of which are directly controlled by Zhao Wei. And all four companies are on the same floor of the same office building.

≫ & gt; Ma Yun responds

'someone must put me and Zhao Wei together. I haven't met Zhao Wei more than ten times.'

After Zhao Wei and his wife were punished by the CSRC, the good friend relationship between Zhao Wei and business tycoons like Ma Yun was emphasized again.

Ma Yun said that he saw Zhao Wei less than ten times in total, and five of them were due to public welfare. Zhao Wei did public welfare in leukemia, and Ma Yun did public welfare in rural teachers.

'I wonder why we are always put together? I don't understand 'we didn't know until we read the news, and the evidence was solid, and there was manipulation behind it. Some people have made it clear that there must be pictures of Zhao Wei and Ma Yun together. "Looking at the news on the Internet, Ma Yun said, on the one hand, he was curious about how it came out, on the other hand, he couldn't come out to talk about it. The more he talked about it, the darker it became.". (source: Beijing News)

Media: found 11 times

According to the review of the Legal Evening News, Ma Yun said that he met Zhao Wei no more than 10 times, which may be a middle-aged people's intermittent forgetting. They meet at least 11 times with photos as evidence

≫ & gt; violations

Zhao Wei and his wife were fined by the CSRC and banned from the market for five years

On November 9, Zhejiang Sunriver Culture Co., Ltd. (Sunriver culture, 600576, the original Wanjia Culture) announced that the company received the notice of administrative punishment and market prohibition from CSRC on November 8.

According to the notice, Longwei media, controlled by Zhao Wei and his wife, has insufficient capital preparation in its own territory, and the financing of relevant financial institutions has yet to be approved. In the case of great uncertainty, it acquired 10000 culture of listed companies by shell companies, and announced it abruptly, which seriously misled the market and investors.