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What do you eat at Christmas abroad? What are the traditional food at Christmas

What do you eat at Christmas abroad? What are the traditional food at Christmas

Sihaiwang: in order to celebrate a festival, there will be related food activities, Christmas is no exception. Christmas is a big festival in the west, and you can't eat less. Everyone knows that there will be turkeys at Christmas, so what other traditional Christmas food do you know? Xiaobian has collected the Christmas food from various countries for your reference.

I. traditional food for Christmas

In the west, the traditional Christmas dinner consists of the front dish, soup, appetizer, main course, snacks and drinks. The indispensable food for this day includes Christmas Turkey, smoked ham, Christmas salmon, Christmas pudding, etc.

1. Roast turkey

In the traditional Christmas table, roast turkey is an indispensable dish. In some Asian countries, Turkey may only be eaten on Christmas day every year to celebrate the holiday, but in Europe and America, especially in the American continent, Turkey is a very common kind of meat, and in Thanksgiving and Christmas, Turkey is more traditional food.

Why eat turkey at Christmas? It is said that in 1620, a large number of immigrants from Britain arrived in the American mount pulymouth. At that time, there was almost no other food but Turkey everywhere, so they had to roast turkey for the holidays. Turkey has a lot of big meat, delicious taste, rich nutrition and low cholesterol content, so it is favored by Westerners. It's a tradition to eat turkey at Christmas.

2. Christmas cake

Cake is an indispensable food in daily life and festivals, and Christmas is not to be missed. Chocolate flavor is one of the main tastes of Christmas cake. At present, almost every family will make chocolate based cakes. People often make Christmas cakes new and beautiful. The words "Merry Christmas" are poured with cream or jam, and special Christmas candles are inserted around them.

The shape of the candle is small, only three or four inches long, but the material is exquisite, colorful, and some are made into spirals. After lighting it, the owner will extinguish it, and then everyone will share the cake. People sometimes put three beans in the cake to represent the three Oriental sages in the Bible story. It's very interesting that whoever eats the beans becomes the "three kings".

3. Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding is a kind of seasonal food eaten at Christmas. Today's Christmas pudding comes from the traditional Christmas food milk porridge and dried fruit pudding, so although there is no plum in the ingredients of Christmas pudding, it is also known as dried fruit pudding, becoming a new member of the Christmas dish style. Traditionally, when Christmas comes, every family member has to make a Christmas pudding together, which symbolizes unity and harmony. When everyone stirs a dough, they silently make a wish and finally hide a coin in the dough.

In Denmark, when Christmas dinner begins, people must have an almond pudding before they can start eating anything else. If anyone can eat the only complete almond, who will be the luckiest person in the next year, usually adults will put this almond in the bowl of the youngest child to make them happy.

4. Christmas salmon

Just like Chinese people eat Chinese New Year's meal during the Spring Festival, European and American people also pay great attention to family reunion at Christmas, and have a feast together. Turkey is a necessary delicacy, and smoked ham, Christmas salmon, Christmas pudding and other delicacies will also be brought to the table. Salmon is a popular food, but also a very healthy food. Fish has high protein and omega-3 fatty acids, but low fat content. The flesh is orange. It's a red meat fish, but there are a few wild varieties of white meat.

There are many ways to eat salmon. In Europe and the United States, smoked salmon are made by hot or cold smoking. The smoked fish slices are usually served with butter and fresh lemon juice.

5. Smoked ham

Smoked ham should be the most traditional main dish in Christmas dinner. It is not only convenient to eat, but also can meet the needs of the festival diners. Even if it is left, it is not afraid. Smoked and roasted ham is often coated with a sweet sauce, such as honey or cherry pomegranate sauce.

Using these sweet sauces and red wine can be a perfect combination for smoked ham. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a red wine with a slightly strong fruit flavor and rich taste to match the sweet and greasy taste on the outer layer of smoked ham.

6, red wine

The reason for this tradition is that meat symbolizes the body of Jesus Christ, and red wine represents his blood. The sufferings of the flesh and blood that Jesus suffered when he was crucified for others should be remembered.

There is a special way to drink Christmas red wine: add brown sugar, orange peel, meat orange, orange kernel, raisin and other ingredients into the wine, then heat it on the fire and stir it at the same time (pay attention not to open the pot), and finally pour a little vodka on it. After starting the pot, a cup of red wine is delicious and warm.

7, Jiang Bing

The most famous traditional Christmas food in Germany is gingerbread. There are two kinds of gingersnap in English, which is a good way to understand ginger + thin and crispy cake. The other is from German, called lebkuchen. In short, gingerbread is a small cake eaten at Christmas, usually made of honey, brown sugar, almonds, preserves and spices.

Although the hometown of gingerbread is in Germany, European people are also used to eating Gingerbread during Christmas. Finns will enjoy Gingerbread while drinking glogi, a wine mixed with almonds and raisins, which is spicy and fragrant. The Dutch even hide their Christmas gifts in pudding or lamb intestines. The poles are divided into two groups: one likes to have a big meal on Christmas Eve, the other fasts and prays all day!

What do countries eat at Christmas?

On Christmas Eve, there are businesses selling "peace fruit" for ten yuan everywhere -- this is the feature of the Chinese dynasty. In other places, there are still a lot of special Christmas food. Starting from the religious significance, a set of traditional food has been developed around the world according to the geographical products and cultural characteristics. Christmas Eve's Eucharist: fish is not meat. Starting from the most "orthodox" religious origin, Christmas Eve's Christmas dinner should be after a period of fasting, starting from the light and moderate rhythm, to commemorate Christmas.

[Italy] feast of the seven fishes. This is probably the most religious food. The food should be simple, light and vegetarian. To eat fish is to have the feeling of Qingxiu, because "fish is not meat" & hellip; & hellip; of course, making fish now also has nothing to do with light.

[Russia, Ukraine and other Orthodox countries] Christmas dinner sochevnik. It should be noted that rozhdestvo, celebrated in Orthodox countries, is January 7 of the Julian calendar. Unlike other countries' big fish, big meat and big wine, most of them are vegetarian dishes, and even fish are not allowed. They are more religious traditions. There are 12 dishes at the dinner, representing the 12 apostles of Christ. Kutia / kutya wigilijna, a sweet cereal pudding or porridge. There are barley, rice, dried fruit and honey in it. Ragu iz Ovoshej。 In fact, it's all kinds of root vegetables, such as radish, potatoes, etc., some of which are stewed with kidney beans. Pagach, a cake dipped in honey. This is usually the first course of Christmas dinner. It's very simple. There are also various soups, such as mushroom soup. Some other Slavic countries, although Catholic, have also traditionally kept some light dishes, such as the first plate of soup.

[Czech Republic / Slovakia / Hungary and other Eastern European countries] V & Aacute; no & ŧ n & Iacute; RYB & Iacute; pol & eacute; VKA / Hal & Aacute; SZL & eacute;, a fish soup with baked potato salad.

[Poland and other Eastern European countries] barszcz, a kind of beetroot, is filled with dumplings called uszka.

Esnica, a kind of bread torn by hand, is often shared by all. Christmas feast: Turkey dessert feast to Western Europe, Britain, the United States, Christmas feast has long been out of religious significance, purely become a celebration ceremony. Therefore, from Turkey to cakes and biscuits, they are a series of foods that are the source of sin.

Turkey. The classic Christmas food, although Thanksgiving turkey is more famous, but Christmas also needs a fat Turkey, filled with a variety of fillings. British supermarkets, for example, offer a variety of turkey stuffing services, with high calorie priority. It's served with turkeys, Brussels sprouts, white fruits or root vegetables. In fact, the original Christmas custom was to eat goose. In the middle ages, they also ate swans. When they were cooked, they put the feathers of swans back on the table, pretending to be a live fat goose. This heavy taste & hellip; & hellip; recently fashionable retro people also began to eat geese. In short, no matter chickens, ducks and geese, roasted stuffed birds, collectively referred to as Christmas birds. In fact, a series of customs, such as Christmas feast and Christmas tree decoration, all originated in Germany. They were brought to England with Prince Albert's accession to the throne of Queen Victoria. At that time, it was the Victorian era of Great Britain. These customs spread all over the world and became the most fashion Christmas icons.

[UK] minced pie, that is, Pie / pie with stuffing. Mince means meat pie, but Christmas pie has no meat at all. It's filled with sweet jam, including raisins, tangerine peel, dried apples, blueberry jam, etc. & hellip; & hellip; and cinnamon and (a lot of) sugar. The surface is star shaped decoration. Nowadays, there are ready-made pies and fillings for sale in supermarkets. A family can make fillings and fillings together

Christmas cake. The popular Christmas cake in England, also from the Victorian period, is similar to carrot cake in the main body, with various nuts and dried fruits. The difference is that there will be a layer of marzipan or icing on the surface. In a word, it's Yutian. As for the origin of more "orthodox" Christmas cake, it should be tweefth night cake (twelve night cake, also known as king cakes), the story of three saints visiting on the twelfth night of Jesus' birth. The authentic twelve night cake is a kind of brioche (brioche), but now there are many ways to make it. The king cake in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA is very famous, and there will be a small crown on it. The Spanish name is ROSCA de Reyes. When it came to Mexico, it became a kind of sweet bread with preserved fruits (see above). California, Texas and other places are also very popular. The twelve night cake is called gateau des ROIs in French. The German name is dreikonigskeuchen, which has its own characteristics.

Christmas pudding. Unlike Huggies in the north of England, Christmas pudding is sweet, which is similar to Christmas cake. It's soaked with Brandy (so it can be ignited and eaten hot), chocolate sauce, and various sweet fillings and nuts. People will put a coin in it and eat lucky ones. By the way, this pudding is also known as plum pudding. Sour and sweet plums can give the cake a fresh and sour taste.

[France and other European countries] BuChE de Noel. As the name suggests, it's a trunk shaped egg