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What are the effects of dandelion bubble water? What are the taboos of dandelion bubble water drinki

What are the effects of dandelion bubble water? What are the taboos of dandelion bubble water drinking I believe that everyone is familiar with dandelion. Dandelion has accompanied many people through an interesting childhood. However, do you know that dandelion still thinks of Chinese herbal medicine, so do you know what the effect of dandelion drinking in water? What are the taboos of dandelion drinking in water? Let's have a look!

The effect of dandelion in water

Beauty and beauty

Dandelion contains protein, carbohydrate, fat, trace elements and vitamins. Dandelion leaves contain ingredients to improve eczema and relieve skin inflammation. Flowers also have the effect of removing freckles.

Dandelion water can relieve dry mouth

Clearing away heat and toxic material

Dandelion water can alleviate the symptoms of dry mouth and dry tongue. It has a good effect on the treatment of heat poisoning, red eye swelling, purulent diseases and clearing liver heat. Make a cup of tea, add dandelion, and enjoy the sweet and moist!


Dandelion can inhibit Staphylococcus aureus and typhoid bacillus. It's a good drop to close a cup of dandelion tea when you are free.


Dandelion has the function of anti-tumor. Making a cup of tea can not only clear away heat and detoxification, moisten intestines and clear lungs, but also play other auxiliary roles.

For cold and cold, chronic gastritis, constipation, bruise, dermatitis and so on.

Dandelion has antitumor effect

Taboo of dandelion drinking in water

Dandelion has a very good effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, it is very suitable for some women to use milk after childbirth, and it also has a certain effect on the treatment of mastitis. In addition, regular use of dandelion can not only treat liver diseases, but also diuretic, cholagogic, dyspepsia and constipation, which are good for some eczema and skin diseases.

first: unscientific dosage

In order to get better and faster results, many people like to increase the amount of dandelion on their own, which is very unscientific. If a large number of dandelion, it is easy to lead to a variety of gastrointestinal discomfort, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort and diarrhea and so on. This is mainly due to the narrow renal tubules in the body after taking a large dose of dandelion, and the slight turbidity and swelling of liver cells and epithelial cells of renal tubules, which leads to various diseases in the body.

Second: allergic reaction

Dandelion is not suitable for all people to take, because a small part of the dandelion will appear allergy after drinking water. For example, after taking dandelion water or dandelion wine, the body will develop urticaria or itching, which are allergic conditions. In addition, there are some people who appear pale or blue after intravenous drip of dandelion injection, and even shiver. These are allergies, so we must stop using the medicine immediately.

Third: Yin cold syndrome

Dandelion is not suitable for all people

The medicine is not right is mainly reflected in the situation of cold and heat. Dandelion is directly used without dialectic on the body's diseases, which will lead to various problems of the body. Now most of the infections are fever, so dandelion treatment will not have adverse reactions or disease value.

How to eat dandelion

As we all know, there are many ways to use dandelion, which not only can be used in vegetables, but also has good medicinal value. So half of dandelion can be fried, boiled in soup, boiled in porridge, fried and so on. The diseases treated by these methods and the taste presented are different. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Dandelion is a treasure all over the body, and the root can also be taken, and the effect can replace coffee, and it is not easy to cause damage to the body.

2. Dandelion's flowers also have a good role in nourishing the body. Generally, dandelion flowers are soaked in wine.

3. Dandelion leaves can also be taken directly or eaten raw. The dandelion leaves can be cold mixed, and a proper amount of edible oil and vinegar can be added. In this way, the flavor of the seasoning and the bitter taste of dandelion itself will be mixed, which will produce a very wonderful enjoyment. It is suitable for taking in summer, with appetizing and digestive effects.

4. Dandelion can also be used for cooking. The common recipe is stir fried shredded pork with dandelion. It is not only very simple to make, but also can benefit Qi and detoxify after taking.

Dandelion flowers also have a very good body care role

5. The dandelion buds can be pickled by adding salt. Regular use can refresh your mind, but you can't take too much at one time to avoid damage to your body.

Dandelion originally has a bitter taste. Some people are not used to taking it. If you want to reduce the bitter taste, you can put the cleaned dandelion into boiling water and blanch it for a minute or two, remove it and cook it, which can reduce the bitter taste very well.