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How much housing loan salary can be approved

How much housing loan salary can be approved

Home buyers apply to the bank for loans, which is actually the process of proving to the bank how much ability you have to repay the money. Then income proof and bank flow are the most intuitive vouchers. A good proof of income, to a great extent, affects the approval of bank loans, is one of the important indicators of the ability of buyers to buy houses. Does loan buy a house to have to open income proof? How much income can be approved?

1、 What is proof of income?

Income proof is a kind of proof of economic income that people need in daily production, life and business activities. In general, when applying for visa, bank loan, credit card, etc., it is required to provide the proof of economic income issued by the unit concerned.

The content of income certificate generally includes: monthly income, including salary, bonus, housing accumulation fund, share bonus and other income. But to remind buyers that different bank income certification format is different, and some companies also have their own fixed mode of income certification, the specific situation needs to see.

2、 How much should the income on the income certificate reach?

When filling in the proof of mortgage income, the amount must be 2 times of the monthly repayment amount of the mortgage. If you need to repay 3000 yuan a month, your monthly income should be more than 6000 yuan. Moreover, some banks are required to fill in the format. Before filling in, be sure to confirm the format with the docking bank. There is, to find the unit must be the original seal, can not submit a copy, some banks also strictly require the official seal must be a round seal.

3、 How to do without unit to issue income certificate?

If you are self-employed and do not have the company's official seal, you need to submit your business license, tax payment certificate or a six-month bank deposit slip. If you are a freelancer, if you have a deposit, you can provide a certificate of deposit; if not, you should go to the bank with income to apply for a running list, which can prove that you have continuous income. In addition to the proof of income, the bank also required to provide bank running water for nearly six months.

So what kind of water will be recognized? First of all, it is better not to deposit on the same day and withdraw on the same day, or even deposit and withdraw multiple times on the same day; second, deposit the same amount at a fixed time every month, such as 5000 yuan on the 8th of each month; finally, deposit more and withdraw less, that is, the amount deposited each time should be greater than the amount withdrawn. So, if you are planning to buy a house with a mortgage loan, you should bear to resign! If you want to change jobs, wait! Because you need salary to make a beautiful bank slip!

4、 Besides income proof, what other materials can be provided as proof of repayment ability?

Income proof in fine not in many, fill in more than good! The following two types of information need to be filled in: one is personal information, including personal name, ID card, position and payroll; the other is company information, including company address, contact number, signature of the person in charge of the unit, and remember to affix official seal.

Of course, the proof of personal financial strength is not only the proof of personal income and bank flow. For example, large deposits, real estate certificate, car property, etc. can be used as proof of repayment ability. If the family repays the mortgage together and the unilateral income does not meet the standard, the partner's income certificate can be submitted to the bank. The bank will make a comprehensive evaluation on the repayment ability of the two people.