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What are the functions and side effects of Sanqi powder Sanqi powder may be strange to most people, but it's not strange to people who are envious of health care. Sanqi powder is made of Chinese herbal medicine Sanqi. Do you know what effects and effects Sanqi powder has? How to eat Sanqi and what side effects? Let's have a look!

Function and efficacy of Sanqi powder

Sanqi powder is the powder made of plant Sanqi after processing. Panax notoginseng is a rare and precious traditional Chinese medicine produced in Yunnan. Among the famous Yunnan Baiyao, the main material is Panax notoginseng. Sanqi has a strong hemostatic and stasis removing effect. Li Shizhen, a famous medical expert in Ming Dynasty, discovered its magical effect and praised it as "gold does not change".

Tianqi, as we usually call it, is actually 37. It has a history of more than 400 years. It has been recorded in many works.

Such as the famous "compendium" records: "37 for hemostasis, stasis, swelling, pain. It is used to treat hematemesis, hemoptysis, hemoptysis, hematochezia, dysentery, metrorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, postpartum blood stasis, persistent lochia, blood stasis, traumatic bleeding, swelling and pain. '.

We can find many effects of Panax notoginseng only through the records of ancient books.

There are many functions of the Panax notoginseng. The records in the ancient books are not enough to say the functions of the Panax notoginseng.

The effect of Sanqi powder

Stopping bleeding and removing blood stasis

For example, there is a record about the hemostatic and stasis removing effect of Panax notoginseng in "Yujin Yaojie": "Heying hemostasis, Tongmai Xingyu, Xingyu blood and new blood. If you sprinkle Sanchi powder on the wound, it can immediately stop bleeding.

Regulating blood glucose and blood lipid

Sanqi powder can regulate blood glucose in two ways, reduce human hypertension, expand human blood vessels, and it is the blood flow tends to be normal, and effectively avoid cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blockages and other dangerous diseases.

Improve the immune capability

Eating Panax notoginseng can promote the metabolism of human cells, increase and regulate the cells in human blood, and improve the body's resistance.


The study found that notoginseng can not only increase the immune function of human body, but also the selenium and other substances in Notoginseng Powder can help human body resist or treat tumor.

Anti aging

Regular use of Sanqi powder can nourish and strengthen the body, increase the anti fatigue ability of the human body, promote the regeneration of blood, and maintain the general spiritual vitality of young people.


The underground part of Panax Notoginseng Powder can excite the central nervous system, improve brain and physical strength, show anti fatigue, and have obvious central inhibition effect.

Removing silt and replenishing qi

Sanqi powder is also suitable for people with angina caused by qi deficiency and blood stasis, or people who have not had angina, but have found that the blood supply of coronary artery is not good, and who are always prone to fatigue, you can try Sanqi powder, which is also the health care amount of 1G per day.

Effect on immune function

Notoginsenoside can significantly improve the phagocytic rate and phagocytic index of small macrophages, can make the immune response too high or too low to return to normal, but does not interfere with the normal immune response of the body, and has a certain immune regulatory effect.

Effects on metabolism

Notoginsenoside can raise or lower blood glucose, has the function of two-way regulation and balance of blood glucose, can affect blood glucose metabolism and reduce blood glucose level.

antitumor activity

At this point, many experts now predict that Tianqi will be the best medicine to conquer cancer in the 21st century. In practice, there are also practical examples of treating early cancer.

Panax notoginseng has a good hemostatic effect and can significantly shorten the bleeding and clotting time.

The results show that the main hemostatic component of Panax notoginseng is Panax notoginseng. Notoginseng can promote platelet aggregation and deformation, release ADP, platelet factor Ⅲ, calcium and other substances to achieve hemostasis.