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What is the origin of Christmas and what are the hallmarks of Christmas in which country

What is the origin of Christmas and what are the hallmarks of Christmas in which country

Four seas network: Christmas has become popular all over the world. On December 25, every year, everyone is immersed in the festive atmosphere to celebrate this day. Where is the origin of Christmas? What are the signs? What are the ways to celebrate it? Xiaobian will show you today.

I. origin of Christmas

Christmas originated in Bethlehem, a city in the West Bank of Palestine.

1. Place of origin:

(1) Bethlehem is located 10 kilometers south of Jerusalem, with a population of about 30000. The city is the capital of Bethlehem and the center of local culture and Tourism

(2) Division: in 1967, Israel seized Bethlehem and the whole west bank from Jordan. On December 24, 1995, Bethlehem was classified as "zone a" and became the area under the full control of the Palestinian autonomous government.

2. Origin: December 25 is the day Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus, which is called Christmas.

(1) the term "Christmas" is generally considered to be the first South China region to accept Christian culture

(2) the first English language to use Christmas is called Christmas, that is, "Christ mass". It is said that Constantine the great of the Roman Empire converted to Christianity after winning the battle of Mulvey bridge in 312 A.D. However, he inherited his father's faith and believed in Tammuz, the sun god of Babylon, whose birthday was December 25. So Constantine adopted this date for the birth of Jesus

(2) Christmas day begins on 24 December and ends on 6 January of the following year. During the festival, Christians all over the world hold a grand memorial ceremony. Christmas is originally a Christian festival. Because people attach great importance to it, it has become a national festival. The biggest festival of the year in our country can be compared with the new year, which is similar to the Spring Festival in China in the West.

3. Festival celebration:

(1) in the west, red, green and white are the Christmas colors. When Christmas comes, every family should use Christmas colors to decorate. There are Christmas flowers and candles in red. The green one is the Christmas tree. It is the main ornament of Christmas. It is decorated with evergreen trees like fir and cypress. There are colorful lanterns, gifts, paper flowers and Christmas candles on it.

(2) in all Chinese and Chinese American societies, there is a high proportion of Christians in Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Chinese. In fact, non Christians do not have the habit of celebrating Christmas. However, after the reform and opening up, with the introduction of popular culture in Europe and the United States, many shopping malls hope to promote business opportunities through Christmas, encourage people to shop, and make "celebrating Christmas" in Africa in mainland China It is also becoming popular among Christians.

What are the symbols of Christmas

1. Christmas party

Christmas essential programs, there are family style, friend style, lover style all kinds of song like party. A good time for friendship, family, love parties. Wearing a Christmas hat, singing a Christmas song, talking about everyone's Christmas wishes.

2. Christmas dinner

Christmas as a long Chongqing wish Festival, can not be less delicious delicious food. Christmas turkey dinner is a regular main course. People used to make it by themselves in the microwave oven. Now many people eat out in restaurants during holidays. Businesses also take advantage of opportunities to earn customers' money. Of course, there are many Christmas food, gingerbread, candy and so on.

3. Christmas hat

It's a red hat. It's said that in addition to sleeping soundly and warm at night, you will find more gifts from your beloved in the hat the next day. In the carnival night, it is the main character of the whole show. No matter where you go, you will see all kinds of red hats, some with shiny tips and some with glittering gold.

4. Christmas socks

The first time was a pair of big red socks. Most of them were OK. Because Christmas socks are used to hold gifts. Children's favorite things. At night, they hang their socks by the bed and wait for the next morning's reception. What if someone sends a car for Christmas? Better ask him to write a check and put it in his socks.

5. Christmas card

It's a Christmas and new year's greeting card with pictures of the birth of Jesus and 'happy Christmas and new year's greetings' on it.

6. Good news

Christmas Eve refers to the night of December 24 to the morning of December 25. The church organizes a number of Choir (or a group of believers spontaneously) to sing Christmas carols door-to-door or under the window, called "good news", which means to reproduce the good news that the angels reported the birth of Jesus to the shepherds outside Bethlehem. The "good news" is called Christmas waits. This activity is often carried out until dawn. There are more and more people, singing more and more. The streets are full of songs.

7, ode

A hymn sung at Christmas is called a 'Christmas Carol'. There are many Christmas carols, most of which are from famous musicians. They often sing joy to the world, angels we have head on high, it care to be midnight clear, O little town of Bethlehem, while shepherds watched their flocks, away in the manger In the manger, angels, from the realms of glory, hark! The herald angels sing, I heard the bells on Christmas day, etc. among them, silent night is the most famous. It is said that in 1818, in a small Austrian town called obendov, there lived an unknown village priest, a mole. On Christmas that year, Moore found that the pipe of the organ in the church had been bitten by a mouse. It was too late to repair. How can we celebrate Christmas? Moore is unhappy about it. It suddenly occurred to him that in the gospel of Luke it was recorded that when Jesus was born, the angel, after giving a good news to the shepherds outside Bethlehem, sang a song: 'glory to God in the highest place, and peace on the earth to those whom he was pleased with. 'he had an idea and wrote a hymn based on these two verses, named "Christmas Eve". After Moore wrote the lyrics, he showed them to grauber, the primary school teacher in this town, and asked him to compose the music. Ge Lu was very moved after reading the lyrics. He composed a good song and sang it in the church the next day. It was very popular. Later, two businessmen passed by and learned the song. They sang it for King William IV of Prussia. After listening to it, William IV praised it very much. He ordered that "Christmas Eve" be one of the songs that must be sung by churches all over the country at Christmas. In addition, every Christmas, the church with conditions will sing music works such as "Messiah" (also known as "savior") by Handel, a famous German musician, to enhance the festive atmosphere of the festival through these music worship activities.

8. Santa Claus

It is said that he was the bishop of Myra, Asia Minor, named Saint Nicholas. After his death, he was honored as a saint. He was a white bearded old man in a red robe and a red hat. Every Christmas he comes from the north in a deer drawn sleigh, enters the homes from the chimney, and hangs Christmas presents in socks on the children's bedside or in front of the stove. So, when westerners celebrate Christmas, parents put their children's Christmas gifts in socks and hang them on their children's beds on Christmas Eve. The next day, the first thing the children wake up is to look for a gift from Santa Claus on the bed. Today, Santa Claus has become a symbol of good luck, not only an indispensable figure for Christmas, but also for celebrating the new year.

9. Christmas tree

It is said that a farmer received a hungry and cold child in a snowy Christmas night, and let him have a rich Christmas dinner. When the child said goodbye, he folded a fir branch and stuck it on the ground and said with blessing: 'every year on this day, the gift is full, stay in this beautiful fir Village and repay your kindness. After the child left, the farmer found that the branch had turned into a small tree, and he realized that he had received a messenger from God. This story became the source of the Christmas tree. In the west, whether Christian or not, a Christmas tree should be prepared for Christmas to increase the festive atmosphere. The Christmas tree is usually made of evergreen trees such as fir and cypress, which symbolizes the longevity of life. The trees are decorated with lights, candles, colorful flowers, toys, stars, and Christmas presents. On Christmas Eve, people sing and dance around the Christmas tree and enjoy themselves.

10. Christmas ceremony

It refers to the gift given by Westerners to postmen or servants at Christmas. It is usually put in a small box, so it is called "Christmas box" in English.