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What are the causes of small chest? Fast breast enhancement is the most effective way to take it

What are the causes of small chest?

1. Lack of estrogen in the body may be caused by irregular work and rest.

2. It is caused by heredity that the chest is small.

3. Due to the lack of physical exercise, proper physical exercise can promote the growth of breasts, but the long-term lack of exercise will lead to smaller breasts.

Bad habit of daily chest destroying

1. Wrong wearing of underwear

Most of the women with small breasts don't care about the choice of underwear. Underwear is just a casual face without even trying. In fact, the right underwear is the first step of breast enhancement, so how to choose the right cup for yourself. During the period of breast augmentation, it's better to choose underwear with adjustment function, that is to say, the straps should be wider than the general underwear, generally three four buttons. As long as you can wear them, you will find that your breasts are not as small as you think. Many women can increase one or two cups after adjustment. When wearing underwear, first buckle the underwear, then adjust the straps, bend forward, and use hands Put the excess meat on the back, armpit and belly into the cup.

2. Sports injury

We didn't think of sports injuries. Most of them will be ignored. In fact, a lot of sports have great damage to the chest, which may cause sagging of the chest, and the chest is smaller and smaller. Running, rope skipping, in fact, are chest exercises. When you exercise, you must pay more attention to them. You should wear adjusted underwear to protect your chest.

3. Irregular menstruation

Often hear female compatriots say their menstruation is not adjusted, and menstruation is not adjusted will also affect your chest, will make your chest loose droop, a menstruation is not adjusted women must first recuperate their body, do not ignore the many small problems around.

4. Inadequate protein intake

It's easy to understand that girls who usually lose weight don't eat meat or oil, just eat the green vegetables without oil, and their breasts are basically full of fat, so it's often heard that women say that losing weight is not successful, but their breasts become smaller. Of course, you need to pay attention to protein intake to lose weight, so their breasts won't become smaller. There should be a glass of milk, a few pieces of lean meat and bean products every day, to ensure your protein intake, not to be ignored.

5. Wrong massage

Wrong massage will also cause trouble to the chest. Sometimes chest massage is done on acupoints, and we don't know where some acupoints are. It's easy to make mistakes. Massage is to circle, and up. And breast care and face are the same. You should keep on maintaining. Of course, you don't need to do it every day. It's enough to do it every few days, so as to stimulate the growth of breast tissue and make the upgrade effect of cup twice the result with half the effort.

How is breast enhancement the fastest and most effective?

Diet and breast augmentation

Fermented glutinous rice

Tips: add some water to the wine, microwave for about 2 minutes, or make the wine egg and wine dumpling. Take it once in the morning and evening before menstruation, the effect is better.

Red date tea

According to traditional Chinese medicine, jujube is sweet and warm in nature, and has the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach. After taking it, it can reconcile the medicinal properties, replenish qi, promote the growth of body fluid, nourish blood and tranquilize the mind. Postpartum or menstrual period, food can benefit the body. In addition, it can be used for beauty and breast enhancement. It has both edible and medicinal value.


Increasing soy foods is good for breast health. Because soy and soy processed foods contain isoflavones, which can reduce estrogen levels and breast discomfort in women. If eat the food that contains soybeans everyday, wait like bean curd, soymilk, will be very beneficial to breast health.

Seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts include peanuts containing lecithin, almonds, walnuts and sesame seeds rich in protein, among which a large number of antioxidants can play an anti-cancer role. In addition, nuts and seed foods can increase the intake of vitamin E, while the intake of rich vitamin E can make breast tissue more elastic.

Pueraria lobata

The reason why Pueraria can breast enhancement is that the isoflavones contained in Pueraria can simulate estrogen, stimulate mammary gland and acinus, and promote its re development and increase.

Sports breast augmentation


Doing push ups doesn't make the breasts bigger by itself, because there are no muscles in the breasts. But through the exercise can make the breast under the breast muscle growth, the increase of the breast muscle will make the breast prominent, looks like the chest will become plump, and can increase flexibility. So do more push ups on the benefits of breast or quite a lot.

chest-expanding exercise

Chest expansion has always been a warm-up exercise in physical education. Put your hands together in front of your chest. Don't swing your shoulders. Open your elbows to make them straight and square. Inhale and close your hands. Exhale and open again. Repeat 20 times. Remember the chest.

Raise chest

Bend your elbows inwards with your lower arms overlapping in front of your chest and forming a mouth shape with your body. Keep your hands in shape, raise your hands up, slowly raise your forehead, then slowly lower them to your front, and practice 20 times up and down. This action can prevent sagging of the chest and make the breast more concentrated and elastic.

Focus on chest movement

Raise your head and chest, bend your elbows and lift your hands. Hold two books under your armpit. Keep your chest strong for 10 minutes. Then relax and repeat 3 more times.

Born with a small chest, if you want to get a full upper circumference the day after tomorrow, you need to work harder! As long as you are willing to insist, you can see the effect.