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How to treat the pain of cervical vertebra

How to treat the pain of cervical vertebra now people have a lot of pressure on work and life, and diseases come in. Now people often face computers when they go to work, and buckle up their mobile phones when they go to work, and cervical spondylosis will appear over time. How can we treat ourselves if we have cervical spondylosis? The following small edition will teach you a few tips to treat cervical spondylosis!

Seven tips for treating cervical spondylosis in office workers

I. self massage of cervical vertebra

After a day's work, we will definitely have backache. At this time, we might as well have a self massage. In fact, we can massage ourselves. Here are two simple first aid methods:

(1) at the back of the neck, there are three points of Bailao from the bottom of the head to the upper part of the trunk. In spare no effort to work, may as well take out a few minutes to massage these three reaction points, instantly relieve cervical fatigue, relax the whole body.

(2) the fingers of both hands are crossed with each other, placed at the back of the neck, and rub the neck back and forth. The strength should be gentle, and the friction should be continuous for 50 times. After the neck gets hot, it will feel very relaxed and comfortable.

2. Five minutes of cervical exercises every day

Especially for the sedentary workers, it is suggested that after working for a period of time, they should exercise their cervical vertebra, and may as well use a few minutes to do cervical exercises. The specific methods of cervical vertebra exercise: sitting upright, whole body motionless, single head movement, respectively, do bow, head up, left turn, right turn, stretch forward and retract; clockwise and anticlockwise encircling action. Hold for 5 minutes at a time, gently and softly.

3. Keep your shoulders warm

It's cold in the morning, so be sure to keep warm. Don't freeze your shoulders in winter or summer. Especially in summer, do not let the air conditioner blow directly. Even for the sake of beauty, prepare a shawl in the office to protect the neck and back. Occasionally suffer from cold phenomenon, fry yourself a bowl of soup to dispel cold: the material is 2 tablespoons brown sugar, 7 pieces ginger, fry in water for 10 minutes, drink 1-2 times to dispel cold.

IV. ensure outdoor activities every day

For a long time, sedentary people did not exercise enough, which led to rigidity and degeneration of the body. The nutrition of our body's cartilage is not supplied through blood, but through the change of pressure to exchange nutrition. If there is a lack of activity, cartilage will suffer from malnutrition, which will lead to degeneration. Increasing outdoor activities is one of the ways to maintain the cervical spine. The recommended sports to you are swimming, playing basketball, practicing yoga, etc.

V. extra points for tonifying kidney for dinner

As a busy white-collar worker, you may not have enough time to prepare healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch. You can eat some nutritious bone marrow food for dinner. Chinese medicine believes that walnut, Cornus, Shengdi, black sesame, beef bone, etc. have the function of nourishing the kidney and marrow. These materials can be added to your dinner to strengthen your muscles and bones and delay the degeneration of the kidney and spine.

6. Learn from Mirs when watching TV

When watching TV, many people like to lie on the sofa. It's comfortable, but not healthy. If you have cervical spondylosis, you can learn from ROC's spreading wings: bend gently to 90 degrees, and extend your arms like ROC's flying, but don't lift your head up. The higher it is, the better it is. Keep it for 5 minutes. This action can help you increase the toughness of your cervical muscles.

7. Enjoy hot compress of traditional Chinese Medicine

Stir fry some fennel and half a Jin salt together, put it in a cloth bag, and heat it on the back of the neck for 30 minutes. Once a day. It can improve blood circulation of neck and back and relieve muscle spasm. Be careful not to let the temperature be too high or too long.

If there are any of these materials, it doesn't matter. Hot compress with a hot towel is also effective.

It's better to choose healthy pillows

The pillow of patients with cervical spondylosis should not be too high, the width of the pillow should reach the shoulder, the middle is low, and the Yuanbao shaped health pillow with high ends has a good supporting effect on the cervical vertebra, which can make the cervical vertebra get a good rest; for people with poor cervical vertebra, the plank bed and brown bandage bed are the best choice, and that kind of excessively soft bed is definitely not conducive to the cervical vertebra.