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How to make zongzi at home on Dragon Boat Festival? What rice does zongzi use?

It's a Chinese tradition to eat Zongzi at Dragon Boat Festival. In fact, if you want to eat delicious zongzi, you can also make it at home. Today's Xiaobian teaches you how to make zongzi at home. What's the difference between the rice used to make zongzi and ordinary rice?

Methods and steps of making zongzi

1. On the first day before the bag, soak the dried horseradish in water (which can bear more tension), and two hours before the bag, soak the red dates in cold water for standby. Boil the leaves in water for about 10 minutes, then wash them and soak them in clean water for later use.

2. First, skim the layer of fermented material (foam) floating on the water surface of jiangmi with a spoon, pay attention not to get it into the rice, then clarify the water, and then use clean and sufficient tap water to wash the rice for more than 4-5 times (in this process, pay attention not to use the spoon to stir vigorously, otherwise the rice will be fragile), remove the fermented taste, put the rice into the water, and fish with the bag.

3. Take 2-3 pieces of zongzi leaves, and lay them on the palm of your hand in the direction of 1 / 3. If the leaves are very wide and long, 2 pieces are OK.

4. Rotate the leaves of zongzi and fold them into a funnel cone at L / 3. Be sure to hold them well.

5. Scoop in the rice in the funnel. When half of the rice is put in, put in a red jujube (adding jujube is not for eating jujube, but for flavor, or put a jujube at the bottom, the rice will not leak out, and then put glutinous rice, and then put another one in the middle). Then fill in the rest of the rice, compact the rice with hands or water, or sink the water in the pot.

6. Then fold back the two redundant zongzi leaves (the tips of zongzi leaves) on the top to cover the glutinous rice, pinch out the sharp corners with your hands, and then wrap the zongzi with the tail of zongzi leaves, without gaps.

7. Wrap the zongzi in a number of circles with Marilyn (the smell of Marilyn, preferably without rope), tightly wrap the zongzi, and tie the knot tightly at the zongzi waist. (this step is very important. If the binding is not strong enough, the leaves may loosen during the cooking process, so all the previous efforts will be wasted.)

What rice does zongzi use?

Glutinous rice used in zongzi has a higher sugar index than white rice, and excessive consumption is easy to cause blood sugar fluctuation. When making zongzi, you may consider replacing some traditional glutinous rice with oats, brown rice and black rice. Brown rice is rich in dietary fiber, microelements and vitamin B group, and its dietary fiber content is three times that of white rice. Oatmeal grains also contain abundant water-soluble dietary fiber, which can increase the output of intestinal cholic acid and reduce blood cholesterol.

Rice for zongzi can be replaced by grains, such as job's tears, oats and red beans. However, diabetics should be aware that these grains are still staple foods. After eating zongzi, the amount of other staple foods should be reduced to avoid excessive carbohydrate intake.