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Is Sijing ancient town fun

Sijing ancient town is a relatively unpopular scenic spot in Shanghai. The scenic spots of the town are scattered and not orthodox. It's free to visit there! In fact, there are three temples to visit and an ancient bridge. In history, there were several ancient bridges there, but now only the next one is left!

Walking slowly in Futian Jingsi temple, you suddenly realize the Millennium culture, pass through the bustling shopping malls, cross the small bridge, and live in flowing water. In Sijing old street, you can feel the atmosphere of fireworks. Feel Zen in Futian temple and enjoy life in a long walk.


Town bus: Songjiang 45 / 46 / 47, 1845, 1846

Bus routes: Shanghai Songhua line, Shangshe line, Shanghai Chenzhou line and Shanghai Shekun line

Rail transit in Sijing ancient town: Shanghai Metro Line 9

Admission: Free

Opening hours: all day

Recommended hiking route:

Sijing station of line 9 -- Sanxiang, poly, yuntianfang commercial square -- Henggang road -- sijingtang Riverside Avenue and xiaodongjing bridge -- enter the old street of ancient town Sijing -- Anfang tower -- Ma Xiangbo's former residence -- futianjing Temple -- Shi Liangcai's former residence -- Fulian bridge (Zhongshi bridge)

What are the main attractions? Sijing Town, located in the northeast of Songjiang District, Shanghai, is an ancient town with rich cultural relics. There are futianjing temple, Anfang tower, Wu'an bridge, Fulian bridge, Pudu bridge and pagoda in the town, which constitute the "three bows and one arrow" of the ancient town. There is also the former residence of the Patriot Shi Liangcai in Sijing town.

Introduction of single scenic spot:

Sijing old street, through the xiaodongjing bridge, comes to the ancient town Sijing old street. Is it written at the gate, Sijing ancient town, ancient memorial archway. The first feeling is that there are a lot of traffic and a lot of people. The whole old street is full of all kinds of clothing stores and grocery stores. Every holiday is full of excitement here. The crowd is so crowded that people who live at home will finally take to the streets to have a look at the busy markets under the sun. Next to the gray tile house, there is still a trace of Jiangnan Town flavor. It's true that there will be no more bustling scenes in Shanghai, and the urban atmosphere will be much less.

Anfang tower, Anfang tower is a seven story octagonal pavilion pagoda, the tower body is a combination of reinforced concrete and wood. Sakyamuni Buddha is worshipped on the seventh floor at the top of the tower. Next to the tower is a river. The water is not so clear.

Ma Xiangbo's former residence. Ma Xiangbo is the founder of Fudan University. He has many former residences. This residence in Sijing ancient town is one of them. Ma Xiangbo's former residence is a private residence of Jiangnan style with simple and elegant architectural style. Both sides of the hall are covered with words and pictures about Ma Xiangbo's life experience and outstanding contribution, which introduces his ordinary and great life. If you are a student of Fudan University, you can have a look.

Futian temple is located at 25 Wenhua Road, Sijing Town, Songjiang District. It has a history of almost a thousand years. The predecessor of futianjing temple is actually the Dongtian temple that survived in the early days of the people's Republic of China, and it was repaired later.

Shi Liangcai's former residence is the most outstanding newspaper operator in China at the beginning of last century. Shi Liangcai, a former newspaper magnate in Shanghai, once said a famous saying: "state owned, newspaper owned, people have personality. 'This house was rebuilt on the basis of bungalows in the Qing Dynasty. In 2000, Shi Liangcai's former residence was announced as a cultural relic protection unit in Songjiang District.

Fulian bridge: there used to be three bridges and one tower in Sijing town. Among the people, there is a saying that "three bows and one arrow secure one side". However, Wu'an bridge and Pudu bridge no longer exist. Now only Fulian bridge, which is far away from the square tower, is left. It is also one of the only three large-scale ancient stone bridges in Songjiang. Now you can still see the Ivy growing in the stone cracks of the ancient bridge! The curve formed by the round arch of the bridge makes people sigh for the ingenious design of the builder. There are docks under both ends of the bridge. From a distance, the design of the bridge is beautiful.

Ancient town food

Ah Liu dumplings, full and clear dumplings, thin but not broken skin, stuffing meat jelly after boiling just melt into a package of soup, on two words, delicious.

Sijing mutton has always been a popular dish in Sijing town after summer. A pot of old wine and a plate of mutton are authentic Shanghai petty bourgeois life, which is called leisurely.

Guangli zongzi, a time-honored brand, has a history of more than 100 years and is well-known in the local area. Every year, many people come to buy it from the city. Different from ordinary rice dumplings, Guangli rice dumplings are rectangular, each of which has one or two layers. They are boiled with old soup for at least three hours, and then stewed for two hours. Glutinous rice is very sticky. It's really a mouthful of enjoyment to eat! One weight is enough!

Sijing small cage, Sijing small cage is very popular in Songjiang, the shape is exquisite, the skin is white and bright, inside is made of pig bone soup, very delicious.