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What is the function of seal kidney? What disease can seal kidney cure

What is the function of seal kidney? What disease can seal kidney cure we all know that the sea dog kidney has a very good effect on tonifying the kidney and tonifying the essence. What are the specific pharmacological effects of the sea dog kidney and what diseases can be treated? Today, the editor sorted out the function of the sea dog kidney and the treatment text recorded in the book, to give you a reference.

I. pharmacological action of sea dog kidney

1. Anti fatigue effect.

2. Strengthen the body and prolong the life, and delay the aging.

3. Enhance the ability of hypoxia tolerance at atmospheric pressure.

4. Anti renal injury.

5. Antiviral effect.

6. Sedation and detoxification.

7. Antibacterial effect.

8. Immunoregulation.

9. Antiasthmatic and expectorant effects.

10. Anticancer effect.

11. Antitumor effect.

12. Effect on cardiovascular and blood system.

2. What diseases do sea dog kidney treat

1. It can be used to treat five labors and seven injuries, real Yang Exhaustion, cold pain in navel and abdomen, aching limbs, tight back and waist, weak feet and knees, swarthy complexion, emaciated muscles, dizzy tinnitus, bitter mouth and dry tongue, tasteless diet, empty voice in the abdomen, tingling under the flank, more dreams at night, less spirit in the day, slippery urination, loose large intestine, sometimes dripping, but the wind is weak and chronic cold. It's suitable to take it as follows: a pair of navels (steamed with wine, hit and Later medicine), Tianxiong (cannon, peeled), Fuzi (cannon, peeled, navel), Chuanwu (cannon, peeled, pointed), yangqishi (calcined), zhongrufen (two liang each), pilose antler (steamed with wine) one or two, single cinnabar (extremely fine), ginseng, aloe (no fire, do not research).

The upper part is the fine end. Paste the navel with a small amount of wine, pestle in the mortar, and serve as a pill, such as Tong Zi Da. Take seventy-nine for each time. You can enjoy the empty salt wine and salt soup. (Ji Sheng Fang asks for navel pill)

2. Cure yuan jiuleng and attack the heart, spleen and small intestine with deficiency Qi. The cold pain is unbearable.

One point for navel (baking, cutting), Evodia rutaecarpa (soup washing, baking), Gansong (washing, baking), tangerine peel (soup soaking from, baking), and Alpinia officinarum.

For the end of the five flavors, first take a pig white suit, remove the grease, put the green onion, three stems, fourteen peppers, one twist of salt, and the same fine file silver tools, stir fry, put three ashless wine, cook until ripe, and remove the dross.

Take seven points of each medicine, mix two coins of medicine, three days. (according to the record of the master of the holy economy, the navel is scattered.).