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Cold hands and feet in winter what to eat the best cold hands and feet in winter 12 essential tonics

Cold hands and feet in winter what to eat the best cold hands and feet in winter 12 essential tonics many people, especially girls, will have cold hands and feet in winter. On the one hand, they don't do enough warm keeping measures. On the other hand, many girls have the symptoms of qi deficiency. What's the best way to eat cold hands and feet in winter? Let's learn about it!

What's the best way to eat cold hands and feet in winter

Cool hands and feet, one move

Many people have cold hands and feet in winter. Maybe you are one of them. Today, I'll teach you a way to deal with cold hands and feet easily! In addition, there are more than ten kinds of autumn and winter tricks, which can be used at critical time to avoid family suffering!

A bowl of three red soup

Preparation: 250g red beans + 10 dates + 2 tablespoons brown sugar

The red beans and dates are washed and boiled in the pot, then added with brown sugar, simmer for another 10 minutes, drink a bowl every morning for a week, and then say goodbye to cold hands and feet! Tens of thousands of people have verified this recipe, which is very effective.

Cold wind, cough, pepper and pear

Preparation: 1 pear + 10 prickly ash + 5 icing sugar

Wash the pears, dig out the core, fill in the pepper and sugar, put them in the bowl, steam for half an hour in the pot, generally take 1-2 pears can be completely good, better than take medicine, especially for children's cold cough, no side effects.

Chapped hands and feet, rubbed with banana peel

Preparation: banana peel + warm water

If the skin is easy to crack in winter, wipe it with banana skin, but remember to soak it in warm water for 10 minutes first, then rub it again after it is soft. Generally, wipe it 3-5 times in a row, and the crack will be completely healed, and it is not easy to repeat it later.

Stewed black bean with vinegar in cardio cerebrovascular disease

Preparation: 100g vinegar + 300g black beans

Black beans are boiled and put into a bowl. Pour them into vinegar and soak them for 3 days. Take one spoon every day to reduce blood fat and prevent vascular disease. In addition, eating often also improves the color spots on the face.

Oral ulcer honey light salt water

Preparation: 10g Honey + 2G salt

Pour honey and salt into the cup, wash it with warm water, and drink it for 2-3 times in a row, the oral ulcer will be completely good.

Skin pruritus honeysuckle bubble honey

Preparation: 10g honeysuckle + 30g honey

With honeysuckle bubble honey water to drink, has very good improvement to the skin pruritus,.

Chronic rhinitis ginger and walnut drink

Preparation: 10g honeysuckle + 30g honey

Add two bowls of water to the pot, then add walnuts and ginger slices, boil for another 5 minutes, drink for 7-10 days continuously, and it will be improved. This method also works well against aging.

Cold cold cold, brown sugar, ginger water soup

Preparation: 5 pieces of ginger + 200g of brown sugar

Cut ginger into 5 pieces, or cut it into shreds. Add 2 bowls of water to the pot, pour ginger and brown sugar into it, boil it and cool it to a proper temperature. Drink it while it's hot. Drink it for 2-3 times in a row. It's almost as good as cold and wind. It's much better than taking medicine. There's no side effect.

Arthritic honey and white vinegar

Preparation: 10g Honey + 10g white vinegar

Pour honey and white vinegar into the cup, and take it with warm water twice a day, and even drink it for a week to improve the inflammation of the joints. This method has a good effect on Grey nails.

Rose tea for depression

Preparation: Rose + warm water

In cold winter, everything withers, and people are easy to be depressed. It can be improved by making tea with roses.

Apply Hawthorn mud to frozen hands and feet

Preparation: 2 Hawthorn + 1 plastic bag

As long as there is chilblain in one year, and there will be chilblain in the following years, I will teach you a way to sum it up, bake Hawthorn soft, smear it on the frozen part before going to bed, and then cover it with a plastic bag, once it is good, very effective, you may as well try.

In the four seasons of the year, winter is the time when the human body has the lowest immunity, and it is also the season of high incidence of small problems such as cold and cough. The above tips are used at the critical moment to avoid family suffering. Pass it on to your friends and let them feel your warmth in winter.