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How to make a good goose egg

How to make a good goose egg

Sihaiwang: goose egg has a high nutritional value. It has a very good nourishing effect on the elderly, the puerpera and the weak. There are many ways of making goose eggs. Xiaobian will introduce some ways of making goose eggs to you today. I hope you like them.

I. a complete list of how to eat goose eggs

1. Boiled goose egg

Ingredients: 1 goose egg, half pot water. Half a teaspoon of salt.

Practice: salt into the water, boil, boiling water, the egg with a spoon into the water to boil. If the eggshell is cracked, add some vinegar to make the protein solidify and prevent it from flowing out. Put it into ice water immediately after cooking, so the eggshell will be easier to peel. Cooking time: three minutes, the protein is tender, the yolk is half cooked. For six minutes, the egg is set and the yolk is half cooked. Ten minutes. The eggs are well done.

2. Fried goose eggs in Lotus

Ingredients: 1 goose egg, a little soy sauce

How to do it: put the goose egg into the bowl, heat the wok, put in half of the oil, heat the goose egg slightly and fry it over medium heat. Depending on your preference, fry it until it is half cooked, or fully cooked, or golden on both sides. Remove the oil and sprinkle some soy sauce on the plate. Pepper and salt can be sprinkled on the fried eggs.

3. Fried eggs with minced meat

Ingredients: 100g minced meat, 2 goose eggs, 1 green onion.

How to do it: sprinkle some pepper on the minced meat, mix the soy sauce well, beat the goose egg into the bowl and scatter it with the green onion (beat until it is foamy), heat the wok, heat the oil in the second half of the bowl slightly, fry the minced meat, fry the goose egg in the wok, fry it slowly until golden on both sides.

4. Fried goose egg with Scallion

Ingredients: Cut 2 shallots and 2 goose eggs.

How to do it: heat wok, oil in the bottom half of the bowl, stir fry shallot slightly, fry some goose eggs, fry slowly until both sides are golden, remove more oil and add some soy sauce.

Stewed goose egg

Materials: 1 goose egg, 2 dried mushrooms, proper amount of warm water, proper amount of crystal sugar.

Method: soak the mushroom and crush the ice sugar for use; put the goose egg into the bowl, put the crushed and soaked mushroom into the warm water; then cover the plastic film, put it into the steamer and steam for about 10 minutes.

6. Fried goose egg with coriander

Materials: goose egg, coriander, oil salt and liquor.

Methods: wash and roll the coriander, chop it up for use, and break the goose egg into egg liquid; mix the coriander and egg liquid, add a little salt and white wine, and stir evenly; put a proper amount of oil in the pot and heat it, fry the egg liquid until it is shaped, stir fry it into small pieces, and then out of the pot.

7. Goose egg with green pepper

Ingredients: 2 goose eggs, proper amount of green pepper, a little carrot, a little salt.

Method: wash and shred carrot and green pepper, then scatter goose egg for use; heat oil pan, put in egg liquid and stir fry, then put out for use; put a little oil in the pan and stir fry carrot and green pepper until they are broken, then put in egg and stir fry; add some salt to taste, then out of the pan.

8. Goose egg in cold sauce

Ingredients: goose egg, mashed garlic, salt.

Method: wash the goose egg, boil it in cold water for 10 minutes, remove it from the water after cooking, peel it for use; cut the peeled goose egg with a knife, add some salt and mix well; then mash the chopped garlic, mix well and serve.

Who can't eat goose eggs? Precautions for goose eggs

1. Who can't eat goose eggs?

Low fever, arteriosclerosis, qi stagnation, visceral injury and fracture are forbidden.

2. Applicable population of goose egg

It is generally edible per capita. Especially suitable for the elderly, children, physical deficiency, anemia.

III. eating taboo of goose egg

1. Eat the goose egg in proper amount. Don't eat too much at one time, or it will cause a burden on the stomach and intestines and cause discomfort.

2. Goose eggs should not be eaten together with eggs, otherwise it will hurt vitality.

3. Goose egg contains an alkaline substance, which damages the internal organs. Therefore, it should not be eaten more than 3 times a day to avoid damaging the internal organs.