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How many days in advance can I buy spring train tickets? Spring Festival train ticket snatching stra

The Spring Festival is near the peak time of train ticket purchase, so it is necessary to know the time of train ticket purchase in advance. So, do you know how many days can I buy the Spring Festival train tickets in 2017 in advance? When can I buy the Spring Festival train tickets in advance? How many days can I buy the Spring Festival train tickets in advance? What is the group ticket purchasing process?

Train tickets for Spring Festival 2017 can be bought a few days in advance

2017 Spring Festival: from January 13, 2017 to February 21, 2017, a total of 40 days.

(1) the pre-sale period of Internet, telephone and mobile clients is 60 days

(2) the pre-sale period of stations, outlets and automatic ticket machines is 58 days

On January 13, 2017, the earliest time to purchase tickets on the day of Spring Festival games by phone was November 15, 2017.

Train tickets on the day of the Spring Festival (January 28) in 2017 can be purchased online and by phone on January 31.

And during the Spring Festival, it's hard to get a ticket. Many times, you can't buy a ticket. From 2013, the pre-sale period of train tickets is 60 days. However, according to the latest news released on 12306 official website of the Ministry of Railways recently, because some new lines are about to be put into operation, the railway department will adjust the train operation chart, adjust the pre-sale period of tickets after December 30 to 30 days, and normally sell tickets before December 29. This Spring Festival train tickets 60 days ahead of time can not buy!

How to buy Spring Festival tickets in 2017

1. Call the booking number in the cold area.

As long as it is the same railway bureau, tickets can be booked by phone. For example, students who want to book tickets from Beijing can call the ticket booking phone of Tangshan Shanxi Yangquan and other places under Beijing Railway Bureau, i.e. dial the local number before 95105105. As the number of calls in these areas is smaller, it is relatively easy to dial. Train tickets booked in these areas can be picked up in Beijing without having to be picked up in other places. Many friends, including Ben Xiong, have taken this approach to get home tickets.

2. Only by persisting can we win.

Many times, the telephone booking query will be informed that there is no ticket, but now there are five ways of ticket sales, such as online booking, telephone booking, train station ticket sales, ticket agency and self-service ticket machine. However, the reservation time for telephone booking is reserved. Many people miss the time of ticket collection and are cancelled. Online booking is also limited by payment time. If the payment time is exceeded, the booking will be cancelled, and the ticket will be reintroduced into the system for others to book. My train ticket was also repeatedly checked by phone. According to Wuhan Railway Bureau, the rate of ticket collection by telephone is only about 60%.

3. The technology flow solves the problems of network ticket booking and landing and query.

Because a large number of netizens log in 12306 website to book tickets, it is very difficult to log in. It is said that a Tsinghua netizen wrote a script to automatically log in and query the ticket balance, which can be used on Firefox and chrome browsers. After using the script, in the login phase, enter Wang's user name, password and verification code, and then click auto login. The script will automatically try to login without repeated input. In the balance query phase, the script will automatically query, once there are tickets that meet the conditions, it will automatically play a prompt tone.

4. Choose a relatively easy time period.

At present, both online booking and telephone booking are 12 days ahead of schedule, i.e. booking date + 11. For example, 21 day ticket can be booked on the 10th. In addition, the train tickets of each railway bureau are released from 8:00 every morning. You can choose to enter the network booking system in advance or. In addition, lunch time, 18 o'clock off work time and 1 o'clock in the morning are the times when the number of people in the booking system is relatively small. Maybe there is a surprise.

5. If there is a landline, priority should be given to the landline. The signal is good and the line is not dropped. The mobile phone is difficult to enter, replay is slow and easy to drop.

It's better to enter the system at 6 o'clock for online booking. Click once every two minutes to keep the line open until 8 o'clock.

6. Make a return ticket before going home for the new year.

As the pre-sale period of train tickets is advanced to 12 days, for most people, the Spring Festival holiday is only seven days, which means that before you leave for home, you can book your return ticket on the day of departure in the city where you work, and pick up the ticket when you arrive at the place the next day. This applies to areas where the train can reach its destination before 12 o'clock the next day.

7. Use multiple browsers.

Because every time you click re query, he will have a few seconds to click this button again. So two browsers change to point, you know.

8. Fast operation saves time.

Understand the process of booking tickets by phone in advance. When making a call, you can save time and improve the possibility of booking tickets without waiting for the system to broadcast all the content and then press the corresponding number key. Online bookings should also be registered in advance and logged in in in advance.

9. For online booking, you can select hard seat first and then change the ticket, which is more likely to be booked. Then you can use the hard seat ticket to change the berth on 12306 website from 4:00 to 6:00 every day.

In addition, you can choose more expensive tickets such as soft sleeper or soft seat for online booking, so the chances of getting tickets are also greater.

10. Online ticket booking is queried in different time periods.

For the same query of tickets of the same train number on January 19, the result of query from 0:00 to 24:00 will be displayed as no ticket, while the result of query from 6:00 to 12:00 will be displayed as having ticket.

Booking conditions of group tickets for Spring Festival 2017

Booking conditions: enterprises employing no less than 30 employees and 5 or more migrant workers can book tickets by themselves.

Ticket booking requirements: declare no less than 5 tickets of the same date, departure station and arrival station

Booking process of train group tickets for Spring Festival 2017

The first step is to apply for registration and obtain a certificate. Bookers (including enterprises or individuals, the same below) carry relevant information to local group ticket application window to apply for group ticket of migrant workers, and sign relevant commitment agreement. Upon completion of qualification examination, the station shall handle the authorization certificate for the subscriber.

The second step is to declare online and input information. According to the user name, password and other information provided by the station, the group ticket subscribers log in 12306 online acceptance channel to buy group tickets. According to the time, train number and arrival of the group ticket declaration plan published by the railway department, they submit the booking plan within the specified time, and truthfully enter the effective ID card information of the passengers. One piece of ID information can only be entered once.

The third step is to check the ticket allocation and publish it online. The railway department matches the group plan declared by the group ticket subscribers according to the transportation capacity, completes the acceptance plan of the order, and publishes the ticket booking information on the Internet.

The fourth step is information review, confirmation and submission. According to the order acceptance plan published on the Internet by the railway department, after the approval of the ticket information (travel date, train number, departure and arrival station, number of tickets, seat type and passenger identity), the ticket shall be confirmed and submitted on the Internet according to the specified date. If the ticket is not confirmed and submitted on the Internet within the specified time, the acceptance plan will be deemed to be automatically cancelled, and the railway department will no longer cash the ticket amount.

The fifth step is to cash the ticket amount and make the ticket. The railway department shall instruct the ticket system to arrange the plan and cash the ticket amount according to the confirmation order information submitted by the ticket ordering group. After the internet ticket is cashed, the subscriber shall, within the specified time, handle the ticket collection formalities at the designated place with the original and copy of the qualification certificate, the original and copy of the subscriber's ID card, and the serial number of the 12306 group ticket. Online payment is not supported temporarily.

How many days can I book a train group ticket and how can I get it?

When booking tickets outside the pre-sale period, passengers can book tickets from 15 to 30 days before the date of taking the train (including that day, the same below). After the ticket is booked successfully, passengers need to pick up tickets at the designated selling point window from 8:00 to 17:00 on the 13th day before the date of taking the train.

When booking tickets within the pre-sale period, passengers can book tickets within 12 days. After the booking is successful, passengers need to pick up tickets at the ticket window of the designated point of sale from 8:00 to 17:00 on the designated day of pick-up replied by the system.

How to deal with group ticket refund?

The group tickets for migrant workers sold are printed with the word "group". Ticket refunds must be handled more than 48 hours before driving in accordance with the passenger regulations. If the online payment is successful, the ticket change shall be handled at the station window before the paper ticket is exchanged.