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How is Huawei Nova 2S worth buying? List of price configuration information of Huawei Nova 2S

How is Huawei Nova 2S worth buying? List of price configuration information of Huawei Nova 2S

Sihai network: near the end of the year, all mobile phone manufacturers are not idle. They have launched new products to hit the year-end sales volume. In addition to Xiaomi and Yijia, Huawei has also launched a number of new machines. Recently, Huawei has launched Nova 2, which focuses on high-value comprehensive screen and other selling points, and impacts on young people. What about these two mobile phones? Let's take a look at the main configuration price information table!

Huawei Nova 2S is Huawei's fourth full screen mobile phone, similar to the glory V10, which integrates fingerprint identification entity keys on the narrow 'Chin' at the front and bottom, and also serves as system navigation.

The price of Huawei nova2s is as follows:

The price of Huawei nova2s standard 4GB + 64GB is 2699 yuan;

The price of Huawei nova2s high configuration 6GB + 128GB is 2999 yuan;

Huawei nova2s Zhang Yixing customized 6GB + 128GB sells for 3399 yuan.

As a youth machine, one of the core tasks of Nova 2S is to take photos and take selfies. For this reason, it is equipped with front dual camera and rear dual camera, with a total of four cameras. This is also the second Huawei four camera model after Mai mang 6.

The front-end is 20 million + 2 million pixels, which are respectively responsible for high-definition imaging and depth of field recognition. It supports single and reverse level large aperture background virtualization, first take a picture and then focus, accurate facial stereo recognition, and human scene separation. Meanwhile, it upgrades the beauty algorithm, which can maintain the same brightness and color of the face in different scenes and light, and has fun disguise and changeable background play.

Huawei also equipped it with a broad-spectrum reduction soft light lamp, which can intelligently identify the ambient light, automatically switch the two levels of brightness, and the color reduction accuracy is up to 90%.

After that, it is 20 million pixels black and white + 12 million pixels color, with the aperture of f1.8, known as bionic dual camera, which can simultaneously collect multiple frames of images and balance the brightness of the bright and dark scenes in the pictures.

Compared with mate 10's post dual camera, Nova 2S has no Leica calibration and certification. Although the processor is Kirin 960, which is not supported by independent AI like Kirin 970, Huawei also integrates dynamic close-up based on artificial intelligence image recognition technology, which can automatically focus video.

In addition, there is a large aperture virtual effect layer rich portrait mode, dark light shooting can also be multi frame fusion to improve brightness and detail.